2013 Trendy Girls Wear & Apparel

2013 is finally here, and with it the spring fashion trends. It’s time to update your wardrobe with the latest in designer wears. One thing no one forgets to do is the price check; checking the cost the wardrobe change over requires. So it’s only natural that the hottest yet the cash friendly items are the coolest ones around.  Let’s check out some stylish and trendy girl’s accessories and dresses.

*These are the Bermuda shorts, shorts that are slouchy and totally chic. The plus point of these shorts is that anyone can pull them off. These are perfect for springs, not being too tight and stuffy or too loose and shabby.

Bermuda shorts

They come in various designs too, so you can choose your favorite denim design or a retro look or whatever suits your mood the best.

*A pair of shades is one the best way to increase your cool level. And this time, retro is back in fashion. Either a chic candy sweetheart or a shiny golden one would be totally in fashion. You can try and experiment with lots of colors and designs and choose the one that makes you radiate with confidence.

chic candy sweetheart

Check out Selena Gomez wearing the ‘60s Retro dress and awesome shades to boot.

Gomez wearing the ‘60s Retro dress

Did you notice the cool handbag in Selena’s hand in the last picture? Well, that’s the latest icon in purses & handbags.

*Print and fabric bags are the trend, and luckily they can go with a lot of dresses. You can try a one piece retro style dress or you can wear the purse in cross with your Bermuda shorts, and you will look equally trendy in both ways.

print and fabric handbagretro style dress

*White and black is as usual and evergreen combo, and this time too it’s back in style. Mix in the retro theme and we have got ourselves a stunning design. You can go either with dress or try out a more casual jeans & t-shirt combo. But no matter what you choose, you are still going to be right in style. Check out the photos here.

cute hat

Even a cute hat can boost up your retro-ish look. See what suits you best. Or try out this cool cap. Black & white and not so chic, but gives your look a high rating.

Another awesome look you can go with is the military mix look.

military mix look

Choose dresses with a nice combination of forest green, brown and gray.

military mix look

Mix them up with other shades like white and you got yourself a hip style. Quite easy to get this look going, yet a stunning look is the result.

Soft colored scarves

Don’t be scared to try out different styles. Soft colored scarves or the black & white ones are totally great and denim sneakers or black sandals are equally an option.

military mix look

Adding to them different accessories like rubber or retro studded bracelets and a purse, and you are ready to rock. Let yourself party with the latest of 2013 spring and get ready for an amazing year.

military mix look

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