20 Best Websites For Teachers

In a class, there are near about 40 to students and teacher need to look into each and every student as well as have to run the class smoothly along with giving the best results. In today’s world, internet is actually helping teachers in simplifying their lessons, help them in running their classrooms in a smooth manner and also guide how to engage students. We have lined up some popular websites which are certainly like a boon for teachers.

Websites For Teachers

1- Scholastic.com:- This website is excellent for young readers and one can post reviews, can get reading recommendations. Here, you can also watch “meet the author” videos. Its actually like Facebook but its quite safe and can be used both by teachers and students. On this website, several campaigns are there in which teachers can participate and they have to list their five favorite books. This website allow you read reviews of different books and can gain enough knowledge.

2- Thinkfinity.org:- This is actually an excellent website for  teachers as it allow teachers to do lesson planning. This website got numerous lesson plans databases. All its content comes from the best learning and language arts of American associations.

3- Bookwizard.scholastic.com:- With this website, you can find various informative and knowledgeable books. This website actually will level your classroom library. Teachers can find resources for your current books. Moreover, you can also create reading lists just with a click of button. You can also enter titles of books in order to make searching even easier.

4- Crayola.com/educators:- It is really for craft projects. They got hundreds of lessons for near about levels of every grade. This website ensure to provide you the best colorful ideas for your class and ensure to make yourself a gold star teacher at your school.

5- Educationnorthwest.org/traits: This website is really excellent for grabbing writing ideas. You can get supporting ideas programs, lesson plans, rubrics and writing prompts. You can also get free writing samples and can get best award at your school.

6- Wordsmyth.net:- This website provides the best vocabulary sessions and will improve your and your students vocabulary to a great extent.

7- Nlvm.usu.edu:- Here, you can get various activities of Maths for various levels. You can get various Maths related problems along with solutions and you can guide your students in an appropriate manner and can make yourself a gold teacher.

8- Earth.google.com:- This website allow you take the tour of Eiffel Tower. They allow you feel world a little bit smaller and do have map generating capabilities. Furthermore, if you are a new to Google Earth, this tutorial offers a great and a superb introduction.

9- Free.ed.gov:- This superb and fantastic website offers all types or sorts of educational materials. You may find a huge and a primary sources, images and videos for near about every topic. The best part is that its absolutely free.

10- Nsta.org:- This is actually best for science teachers or you can say a goldmine for teachers who may not feel comfortable in teaching science in an accurate manner. Here, you may find a range of journal activities, experimental ideas and a huge array of lastest science subject related stories.

11-Figment.com:- This is really a boon for teachers as it allow or enable them to post their work and receive appreciation and criticism as well as can read another contributions. Starting from poetries till novels, teachers can post anything. All types of writing can be shared.

12-Smithsonianeducation.org:-This website offers even thousands of resources which include lessons, latest exhibits as well as allow you connect with the experts. Moreover, in this you can also discuss the causes of political climate which is affecting content.

13- Edu.glogster.com:- This digital website allow you making digital posters, contain pictures, texts, videos, links and animations. This is actually a boon for teachers that will ensure to make you a gold star teacher.

14- Exchange.smarttech.com:- This website allow you create lessons in an interactive style. Really inspirational and informative lessons are existing here allow you teach students in a more accurate manner. The teaching material available here is actually interesting and informative.

15- Prometheanplanet.com:- Here, at this website, teachers will get loads of tips, practical advises over teaching and many other addressing questions.

16- Wikisineducation.wetpaint.com: This website allow you connect with other teachers present in the classroom. Here, you can get great examples which you can share and templates and many more other community service projects.

17- Teachertube.com:- This website is really an excellent source for instructional videos in a safe and friendly environment. Here, you may get catchy rhymes which allow you teach various topics in an interesting topics.

18- Xtranormal.com:- Movie making was never been so simple and easy than it is with this website. All you need to do is just create a small script, select a background and characters and text and you can all transformed in to a short animated clip. These clips made you teach students in an easy and an effective manner.

19- Corestandards.org:- Here at these website, you can get an overview of new standards of teaching and utilizing these standards you ensure to assist students achieve the great or excellent grades.

20- Tolerance.org:- This excellent website allows you tackle various difficult aspects of teaching. Various teaching kits of various topics available with this website allow you become the gold star teacher at your school.

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