15 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

Dogs are undoubtedly the most favorable pets in this age. Cats do not lag behind and they are also considered to be dedicated pets. However, there is a strong debate about which of them is a better pet. Different people endorse different beliefs regarding the same subject. In this battle of domination, dogs lead the way by a fair margin. Here are some of the reasons why dogs are better than cats:

1. Dogs are happier than cats:

Dogs are not ego-centric. They stay happy with their owners without showing any signs of complaint. Dogs have a belief about their owner that they are the best beings in the world even if they act rude to them. Dogs get quite excited when they see the owners. This is the mere affection they show to them. Apart from jumping out of excitement, they intend to lick the owner showing the sign of attachment. Cats are moody and everything depends on how they are treated by the owners. This is not the case for dogs and that’s why they are the most preferred pets.

Dogs are happier than cats

2. Dogs Care:

The dogs are protective about their owners and they get upset when the owners are down and out. In order to show concern, dogs generally lick and caress their owner. Dogs show intensive care towards the owner.

Dogs Care

3. Dogs protect:

Dogs are mature and protective species. They are stronger than cats and protect their owner from any adverse circumstance. In case of theft or robbery, dogs are the determinant factor that prevents the culprits from committing the crime.

Dogs protect

4. Dogs Play:

One of the dominant reasons to have a pet dog is that dogs are playful. Whether it’s a ball or any toy, it’s always fascinating to play with them. Dogs are much preferable if you’ve kids at home as they would love playing with a pet dog.

Dogs Play

5. Dogs are better for their owner’s health:

While having a pet dog at home, it becomes necessary for the owner to take him around for a walk, doing so the owner trains himself too, while walking with the dog. This is a major reason why dogs are considered healthy for the owners.

walk with dog

6. Dogs are attentive:

When the owners call their pet dogs, they seem to be quite attentive. This raises the self esteem of an owner to a great extent.

Dogs are attentive

7. Dogs listen to the owner:

Dogs are receptive to the commands that are given to them. This is the major reason why majority of circus feature dogs who perform interesting acts.

Dogs listen to the owner

8. Dogs are good at performing tricks:

Dogs are accustomed to performing tricks that their master asks them for. The tricks performed by them at exhibitions are remarkable and sometimes, unbelievable. This attribute is lacked by cats.

Dogs are good at performing tricks

9. Dogs are affectionate:

Dogs are very fond of their master/owner. They feel low at being separated by the owner. This is some attribute possessed by dogs that bring them closer to their owner.

Dogs are affectionate

10. Dogs are selfless:

The selfish tendency is absent in dogs and they put their owner in front of the personal achievements or personal comfort. On the contrary, cats are quite selfish and live for their own, despite of the love and care shown by their owner.

Dogs are selfless

11. Dogs are hygienic:

Dogs stay clean and this tendency can be noticed while they sit on the ground. They clean the surface always before putting the ass to the ground. On the other hand, cats like to wash themselves but soon after washing, they litter everywhere and spread the residua matter.

Dogs are hygienic

12. Dogs come in different variety:

When a person goes to buy a pet dog in the market, he comes through various choices and options based on the breed, the color and the shape of the dog. On the other hand, cats are not so diverse and not many variants of this animal can be found in the market.

Dogs come in different variety

13. The sniffing capacity of a dog is incredible:

Some dog breeds are accustomed to sniffing suspected matter in Police and military bases. This attribute in dogs sets them apart from the other pets available in the market.

The sniffing capacity of a dog is incredible

14. Dogs always stay loyal to their owner:

The loyalty of dogs cannot be questioned. They stay close and loyal to the owner despite of the possible differences. Cats on the other hand work on their own instincts and do not entertain the owner anyone on request, even their owner.

Dogs always stay loyal to their owner

15. Dogs run faster than cats:

In case of emergency, dogs can prove to be lethal because of their acceleration capacity. On the other hand, cats are rather slower in sprint. This attribute makes a dog stronger and powerful. Burglars are more afraid of dogs rather than cats because of their sprint acceleration.

Dogs run faster than cats


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