15 Best Honeymoon Destinations in the US

The United States of America has been popular for encouraging couple tourism and endorses some incredible destinations for honeymooners. Here are some exquisite locations that have attracted the eyes of travelers for ages:

 1. Kauai:

Kauai is not as popular as Hawaii but it provides for a non-commercial fun for the couples. The tourist population in Kauai has increased stunningly over the past few years. It’s a perfect beach for the tourists who are fond of serene sunsets, chocolate colored sands, and soul-touching waves. The beautiful resorts that exist in this place are out of the world. For its controlled tourist inflow and serene landscape, this place is worth a visit for the honeymooners.


2. Maui:

It’s a Hawaiian island which is popular for its powdered sand and magnificent resorts. It has become a preferred destination for honeymooners in the last few years. It is also known for making weird marriages in the island. This is a part of adventure in the island. Maui is considered to be one of the best honeymoon destinations in the US.


3. Napa Valley:

If there is a place of luxury in the US, it is this one. Napa Valley is one of the favorite places for poets and writers, since it provides an ample amount of privacy and comfort to the visitors. Hence, for honeymooners Napa valley is a one stop destination in the US.

Napa Valley

4. Charleston:

A still from the movie “gone with the wild” is reportedly taken in Charleston. Couples can taste a bit of romance in this place before the marriage. The clean streets set this destination apart from other places in the US.


5. U.S. Virgin Islands:

U.S. Virgin islands give a glimpse of Caribbean beaches. Since, this place is highly commercialized; it makes way for a great number of hotels, guest houses, restaurants, etc. In order to enjoy the nature and surrounding, the couple should give a try to St. John.

U.S. Virgin Islands

6. Lanai:

This destination is quite different to the others mentioned in the post. Lanai is popular for its overwhelming landscapes. Apart from the breath-taking views, this place is also home to some tasty local cuisines.


7. Monterey:

The beautiful beach stretch with pebbled texture is something to look out in Monterey. The green outfields that are surrounded by the beach provide it a fresh look. It is considered one of the best places for new wed couples or the honeymooners in the US.


8. Aspen:

Acclaimed by Singer, John Denver, this heavenly is deeply regarded by the travel forums and the travel magazines all around the world. The landscape of Aspen is out of the world. It is considered good for couples because of the privacy they experience while travelling in this place.


9. Lake Tahoe:

It is known for being a great place for performing marriage proceedings. Many celebrity couples have made Lake Tahoe as their wedding venue. Known for its beautiful scenery, this place comprises of some incredible gardens surrounding the city.

Lake Tahoe

10. Martha’s Vineyard:

Martha’s Vineyard can be found making an appearance in most of the travel columns. When we talk about honeymoon sports in the US, this place cannot be ignored. The clarity of waters enable the couples to take up some water sport. The sunset and sunrise in this place are extremely beautiful.

Martha’s Vineyard

11. Santa Barbara:

It is situated at a stretch of 100 miles from the busy life of L.A. Couples from Los Angeles sneak out from their work schedule in order to spend some quality time here. Not only have the people from Los Angeles, but from all around the world visited this place to admire its beauty and nature’s creation. The golden sands are the key characteristic of this beach.

Santa Barbara

12. Nantucket:

The weather in this place is good all year-round. This adds to the charm of the place. All the requirement of honeymooners is fulfilled in this place. The Bike riding along the water is some activity which is quite common at the beaches here. It is counted as the best honeymoon spots in the US.


13. Cape Cod:

This place is known for a casual treatment towards the couples. It is good for relaxation and leisure. The couples come here after leaving behind all the stress behind. If the honeymooners intend to have real fun, this the place for them.

Cape Cod

14. Sedona:

Sedona is popular for the distribution of red rocks all around the place. This place is quite affordable and a treat for the budding couples. The resorts in this area are of high standards with reasonable costs. This place is good for hiking, relaxing, taking Yoga lessons and much more. In a nutshell, it is a one stop solution for the travel plan of honeymooners.


15. Sanibel Island:

This place is often given romance oriented status because of the surroundings present there. Sanibel Island is beautiful to the core and is home to nature reserves. Apart from being exotic, this place offers accommodation at cheaper rates which is quite affordable for the honeymooners, who do not possess big budgets.

Sanibel Island

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