12 Tips To Get a Perfect Good Night's Sleep

It is often a tedious task to fall asleep. No matter what you do, you just don’t seem to fall asleep. Here are a few things you can do in order to find some beauty sleep
12 Tips To Get a Perfect Good Night's Sleep

1. Fall in routine

Fall in routine
Routine is important and it systemics the body to follow one as well. Therefore, your body will automatically start to feel sleepy at the said time.


2. No water before hitting the bed!

Drinking water right before sleeping may not be the best idea. For, water will definitely cause you to wake up in the middle of the night to answer nature’s call and thus, will in turn result in mayhem as far as your sleeping patterns are concerned. It is a good idea to not drink any liquid including water 2 hours before bed. This is easier to do when you are in routine.

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3. Don’t surf where you sleep

Don’t surf where you sleep
If you are going to browse on your bed and then sleep there later, you are obviously not going to fall asleep in an instant. It will take you a while to switch off mentally from your browsing session and for your eyes to get adjusted to the darkness. Hence, it is best to keep all your gadgets away from the bed.


4. Reading to bed is tempting but not a good practice

If you read to bed, your mind is going to be active and it will be a while before you finally fall asleep. Hence, read long before you get into bed.


5. Lights out!

Lights out!
Darkness is mandatory if you wish to fall asleep completely. Hence, your digital clocks, your dim bulbs and even the tiniest amount of light in your room ought to be kept away from you. For, bright lights activate your brain and hamper your sleep.


6. Mattresses are important

As passé as it might sound, it is often ignored. We take some things for granted and never notice that such small issue could be the cause of a huge problem. For instance, an unsteady mattress may be hampering your sleep and you may not even be aware of it.


7. Munching in bed

Munching in bed
Munching right before you are going to hit bed may seem like a very good idea but you definitely should avoid it. Who on earth can sleep with a full stomach? Moreover, it can lead to other health complications as well. Of course, it is also going to add a few calories and a few kilos.


8. Exercising an hour or 2 before bed

Exercising gives you a high and leads you to feel extremely active mentally and physically. Therefore, it is only fair that you finish your exercise at least 3 hours before bed.

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9. Keep your feet warm

Keep your feet warm
It is a good idea to keep your feet covered at night. It leads you to fall asleep quicker. You can use socks or a warm blanket to do so.


10. Send the right signals to your brain

As funny and as scientific as it may sound, the brain will understand if you change, brush and pee right before you got to bed every day. Eventually, these will be picked up as signals to fall asleep.


11. No coffee before bed!

No coffee before bed
Coffee is going to energise you and activate your brain and hence, is a complete no-no before bed. In fact, you have to stick to no liquids before bed. It might be difficult but it is necessary.


12. Sleeping postures matter

Avoid sleeping on your stomach, sleep flat or on your side instead. You will soon find your muscle pain disappearing and your body relaxing.

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