12 The Best Perfume Brands For Girls That Every Women Love

There is no doubt in this fact that the another name of women is beauty. We all love applying scents and fragrances. It has been estimated that as compared to men, women uses more perfumes. Women do have a feel to look alluring and mesmerizing and for that they utilize exotic perfumes. Here is the list of top 12 perfume brands which are popular of women across the globe. Let’s have a look of top 12 perfumes for women.

top girls perfumes

1- The timeless Ralph Lauren Romance:- This is really a classic and a timeless choice of every woman only because of its floral scent which do includes soft pink roses. It is a seductive, extravagant and a sensual perfume whose every spray makes you feel amazing.

The timeless Ralph Lauren Romance

2- The heart shaped Vera wang princess eau de toilette:- It is packed in heart shaped bottles that do have a romantic aroma inside. Its contemporary look and floral fragrance is the major reason behind its popularity. It is an ideal item to gift to your girl friend or wife.

The heart shaped Vera wang princess eau de toilette

3- The tinkling sensation:- lolavie perfume:- This is actually the creation of Jennifer Anniston who got a clean, floral and sexy too. The shape of the bottle is inspired with her fascination towards beaches, especially, the waves present in them.

The tinkling sensation

4- The tempting fantasy perfume:- If you find yourself tempted with Britney Spears moves, then it is actually this floral fragrance which do have an alluring sweetness and a floral fragrance.

The tempting fantasy perfume

5- The casual curious perfume:- Britney Spears actually is fond of perfumes and among the huge collection of perfumes, her favorite one is curious perfume. This was launched by Elizabeth Arden perfume in 2004 and after that followed by Fantasy perfume.

The casual curious perfume

6- The musical fragrance purr:- This is Katy Perry’s top perfume for which she gets inspired of her own cat woman outfit. It got a fruity floral scent which was designed by famous and popular perfume experts.

The musical fragrance purr

7- The glowing J lo perfume:- When Jennifer Lopez decided to attempt on perfume business, she has carried out numerous considerations. The signature on the bottle on rhinestones are actually real. It is actually a scent of attraction and magnetism. It is something that men cannot simply taken for granted.

The glowing J lo perfume

8- The fruity love and glamour perfume:- This is Jeniffer Lopez’s another collection which was launched in 2010 and it is a floral fruity fragrance. It is best for normal daily activities. Really an amazing scent is this.

The fruity love and glamour perfume

9- Delicious fragrance of Guerlain:- This is really a timeless perfume which is there in existence since 1925. Because of its floral and amazing fragrance, soon after its launch, it has become a most preferred choice of every women.

Delicious fragrance of Guerlain

10- The enchanting Marc Jacobs eau de parfum:- This is an alluring , eternal, bright  style of perfume which is the freshest and the whole new collection of Marc Jacobs scent collection. It is equipped with elegance, sophistry and are available in strawberry, vanilla, violet petals, ruby red, jasmine, gardenia. Its enchanting  scent can attract or catch anyone’s attention.

The enchanting Marc Jacobs eau de parfum

11- Delices de Cartier by Cartier:- It is one of the best fragrance gifts for women of all age groups and got a soft, sweet and rich scent. The best part is that it does not cost too much.

Delices de Cartier by Cartier

12- Prada by Prada:- It has a classic, deep and sexy scent which is mostly preferred by mature or old women. It do have a rich sexy fragrance and cost also is economical and ensure to make you mesmerizing throughout the day.

Prada by Prada

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