12 The Best Bollywood Movies Of All Time

From a decade, the directors of Bollywood are making more and more inspiring movies for entertaining us. Their films make a huge business and earn a bulk of money.These talented directors include Ashutosh Gowariker, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Raj Kumar Hirani, Rakesh Omprakash Mehra, Vishal Bhardwaj, Parkash Jha, Mani Ratnam and Farhan Akhtar respectively. They have presented fantastic movies in front of us to show their talent. Below have written about the top movies of the decade.

 Best Bollywood Movies

1. Lagaan (once upon a time in India):- This movie tells about the time which the small villagers of India had to stake their future on the game of cricket which they had to play against ht cruel Britishers and save their village and independence.


2. Black:- It is a mysterious story of a girl who is blind, deaf and mute from her childhood. She had not seen, heard or talked anything related to this world because of her disability but her teacher inspires her to live the life in a different manner and brings a ray of light to her.


3. Swades:- This is a story which tells about the life of an Indian scientist who had came back to his village to take his nanny with him to America and in the manner reoccupies his lineage.


4. 3 idiots:- The story is based on two friends who are seeking for their long lost buddy.During the journey,they revisit their college and rewind their memories about their friend who encouraged them to do in future in which their talent is and he become successful in his campaign.But the remaining students called them ”idiots”.


5. Rang de Basanti:- The story tells about a young woman who had reached india make a feature on his grandpa’s diary which had been wrote by him at the time of 1920s. He had written about the Indian independence among with the five young patriots.


6. Omkara:- In this story,a politically minded enforcer wins the misguided trust of his lieutenant and takes the lieutenant with him to show him to false infidelity of his wife.


7. Gangaajal:- The movie shows the character of an IPS officer who encourages a dysfunctional police force to protest against an corrupted politician and he become successful  to make his police force fear free from several powerful politician.


8. Taare Zameen par:- This is a story about an eight year boy who is believed to be quite lazy and troublemaker for himself as well as others. But after some time, an are teacher came to his school who tries to recognize his nature and keeps patience and compassion towards himself to know about the actual problem behind his various struggles.


9. Chak de india:- The story tells about an hockey player who returns to his game in the form of a hockey coach of the Indian women’s hockey team. The negative point of the team was that they didn’t have unity among them. So, the coach becomes strict to become develop unity among them.


10. Dil Chahta hai:- The film tells about the life of three characters named Akash, Sameer and Siddharth. It also tells about their relationship and affairs and how these relationships effects their lives.


11. Guru:- The story is based on the character named Gurukant Desai who is an ordinary person lives in a small village. Gurukant arrives Bombay in the year 1958.He rises from an ordinary person to the biggest business tycoon in the Indian history.


12. Lakshya:- It is a story based on the life of a young boy named Karan. He is quite lazy to do even an easy work.He does nothing in life and lives his life from the income generated by his father and elder brother.


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