12 Romantic Ways To Surprise Your Husband

It is tough to keep a marriage going. It is extremely difficult to spend your entire lifetime with one single person. Since the person becomes a part of your daily chores, it gets difficult to keep the spark alive. Sometimes, your partner gets taken for granted or ignored. Since you are living together, you often don’t set aside time for each other. However, there are ways to keep the spark alive. Do things that will take your husband aback. He will suddenly find himself thinking about you. It is beautiful to keep falling a little more for each other every day. Sometimes, one wants to do too many things but one is short of both, time as well as money. Here are 12 romantic ways to surprise your husband well within budget. Thank us later!

12 Romantic Ways To Surprise Your Husband

1. Notes of Love

Sometimes, doing things the old way is the best. Write a romantic, sexy, heart-touching note and put it in his coat pocket, wallet, office desk or anywhere you know he’ll notice immediately. Watch the magic unravel itself!

2. Chores of Love

Ask him to get milk, bread, vegetables etc. for you from the store. Wait for him over there and take him to his favourite movie, game etc. Amazing, no?

3. You are my king

Sometimes, it is fun to subject to your husband. Tell him, his wishes are your command and fulfil everything he wants you to. Of course, ensure that this only lasts for a day.

4. Be his Mate for a Day

Go ahead and play cricket with him or fly his choppers. It is going to be a whole lot of fun doing what he loves with him.

5. Be his lunch mate for a day

So, go to his office and give him a delicious treat; home cooked or outside depending upon how you feel is appropriate.

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6. Sneak Out for the Weekend

Book him a surprise holiday and take him out for the weekend. Get a discount deal if you will. After all, what’s more fun than a refreshing holiday with your partner.

7. Surprise him in a unique manner!

Surprise gifts, lunches, parties and holidays are a cliché. However, it would be great if you put a vibrator in his underwear and suddenly pressed the remote or put condoms in his nightdress. These would be enjoyable surprises.

8. A Book of Sexy Pictures

Compile a picture book of yourself with nudies, bikini clad body and other such things. What else is left to do but give it to him and watch his crazy reaction?

9. Clubbing!

Nothing is better than clubbing! Go together and let your hair down. Watch yourself go crazy with each other as you groove to dance numbers and drink under the table. Now, that is what we call, the good life!

10. Unexpected as ever!

Are there things that you absolutely don’t do? Are there things you hold back? Well, why don’t you go ahead and do it? If you don’t dress a certain way, then do it for him on one of the days. You will have a blast!

11. Karaoke for your Man!

Sing him a song that he loves. At the end of the day, it is the effort that counts.

12. Give him a box exploding with love

Go ahead, do those! Put all the mushy things you like into this box and watch your husband go crazy as he sees those. It is one of the best feelings ever to watch him fall in love with you over and over. We hope you live this feeling every day.

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