12 Reasons why cats are better pets than dogs

Cats have been the most pampered pets ever and most people prefer them over the dogs. It has been a debatable subject for long and no conclusions have been surfaced yet. However, the arrow of benefit goes for the cats for some of these simple reasons, here they are:

1. Cats are not hostile to babies:

The major reason that makes cats as more favorable pet than dogs is their positive alignment to babies. Since, the families are most concerned about the welfare and health of the babies at house, it is important that the pet does not destroy the safety of the baby. In contrast to cats, dogs are more hostile to babies and it might prove to be hazardous for the health of child. Therefore, in this perspective, Cats win the battle of being better pets than dogs.

why cats are better pets than dogs

2. Cats are smart enough to follow the road signs:

This is one attribute that differentiates cats from the other animal pets available in the market. They are intelligent animals and tactfully follow the instructions and road signs installed on the streets. On the other hand, dogs are not able to follow the instructions installed on the road because of their inability to read and predict. Hence, cats are more intelligent and prove to be better pets than dogs.

why cats are better pets than dogs

3. Cats are less fussy than dogs:

When at home, cats do not litter everywhere and are decisive about their deeds. On the contrary, dogs are known to be fussy animals with secreting waste anywhere and everywhere. Thus, cats are more clean and hygienic to the surroundings. In this matter, the cats are preferred over dogs.

why cats are better pets than dogs

4. Cats are known to give super hugs:

In terms of showing love to the owners, cats lead the way. They are known to be passionate lovers and show it in a supreme way to their owner. On the other hand, dogs are not so passionate and their hugs are always under-rated as compared to those of cats. Hence, Cats provide a great sense of love to their owners, better than the dogs and this is a major reason why they lead the way in being the better pet than dogs.

why cats are better pets than dogs

5. Cats don’t need an extra attention for being taken to a walk:

Unlike dogs, cats don’t require their owner to take them for a walk 3-4 times every day. They are better off at home and do not require regular exercise in order to stay healthy and active. It prevents the owners from being frozen outside in case of sheer cold. Therefore, cats are more preferred animal pets than dogs.

Cats don’t need an extra attention

6. Cats always use the bathroom that is assigned to them:

Cats are considered to be more hygienic and home friendly because they do not excrete dung everywhere in the house. If assigned a bathroom in the house, they always use the same bathroom in case of excreting the waste unlike dogs who like to litter everywhere. Cats are more responsible for their waste excretion and therefore preferred the most as pets.

Cats always use the bathroom

7. For sleeping, the cats do not require a big space:

Cats always find a comfortable place to get a sleep, be it on the couch or a proper bed. However, they are not very demanding about the condition of their bed or the space allotted to them. They adjust with whatever space their owner provides them. Hence, because of this reason cats are preferred pets over the dogs.

For sleeping, the cats do not require a big space

8. They don’t need attention all the time:

Cats are versatile animals that do not require the owner’s company all the time. They can play when they are alone in the house. This relieves the owner of the pressure about sticking to the pet all the time. On the other hand, dogs require a proper support and attention from the owner and if not provided, they tend to get bored.

For sleeping, the cats do not require a big space

9. The tongue of a cat is small and dry:

Since pets like to pamper their owner by licking them, it is sometimes annoying for the owner. Dogs possess a wet tongue that makes the owner wet when it rolls over him, whereas on the other hand cats possess a dry and small tongue and there are less chances of being wet.

For sleeping, the cats do not require a big space

10. Cats do not bark on everything:

Cats are calmed animals and do not bark on unnecessary things or people. They do not disturb the peace by barking loud on something irrelevant. This attribute among the cats makes them social animals as compare to dogs who like to attract attention by barking loud in public places.

Cats do not bark on everything

11. They are good at eliminating mice from the house:

Growing mice population in the house usually becomes a headache for the owner and an urgent need for eliminating them arises. In such a case, the cats prove to be perfect hunters of mice and half of the owner’s work is done.

12. They have schedule:

Unlike dogs, the cats follow a tight schedule according to which they time the acts they perform like excreting the dung, going for a walk, sleeping, etc. It makes the life of owner easy.

Grumpy cat

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