12 Best Games To play On Google Chrome

There are numerous incredible apps added to the empty chrome tab. These days, chrome is gaining influence with every passing day. Hence it is a platform for some incredible, exciting and addictive games. Here is the list of top interesting and popular chrome game applications.

1- Angry Birds:-

Angry Birds

This is one of the best and an exciting game which nowadays is available on smart phones as well as on Google Chrome as well. Angry birds over the Google Chrome can be played in offline mode also. This game offer high definition resolutions. This is actually based on five different level in which you need to fling the birds over the pigs and need to cross the level.

2- Bejeweled:-


If you like to play puzzle games, then you must try your hands over this game. In this game, users need to swap the gems with same color and have to make or collect points. This game really have excellent graphics and game play. This game has two modes that is classic and spread.

3- Bastion:-


If you love playing RPG, you must try this game once. This game do have different levels in which you need to find out secrets and objectives regarding being world is in chaos. The excellent graphics and amazing game play makes this game even more exciting and fun loving.

4- Cut The Rope:-

Cut The Rope

It is the most addictive and a time consuming game. In this, you need to cut the rope and then have to feed Om now with candies. It is not simple to play you need to follow a lot of techniques and strategies to play and win this game.

5- Plants Vs zombie:-

Plants Vs zombie

In this game, the world is full of zombies and you need to protect your house. You need to plant trees that attack on those zombies and protect your house from being entering. You need to plant trees in the most suitable area and make sure not they do not get consumed by the dead zombies.

6- Command and Conquer :-

Command and Conquer Tiberian Alliance

If you love playing this game without installing its full version, if yes, then Google chrome is the one where you can enjoy the game to its great extent. Moreover, you can also discover new attacking techniques in order to make your rivals get defeated.

7- Drivers parking:-

Drivers parking

If you have good parking skills and can park the car any way possible, then Google Chrome is the place where you can practice your skills. This is really a simple and addictive game. You need to park cars in the parking slot without hitting any other car around you. The less time you will take, the more you will gain points.

8- Sparkchess6:-


For chess players, it is certainly an exciting and an interesting game which they can enjoy while your lunch break or while you are free. This game do have 3D graphics that enable users to play this game with their friends. This game has numerous difficult or hard levels which will test your skills and make you even more skillful.

9- Cargo Bridge:-

Cargo Bridge

It is really a fun loving and a highly addictive game for Google Chrome that enable players to test or check their construction skills. In this, you need to construct a bridge with in a limited budget and you also need to help your workers carry items on the opposite side of the valley or mountain.

10- Tetris:-


It is really one of the best classical game of all time. In this, you need to make blocks in order to fill up the rows. The bigger you will make the row, the more you will get points. You can continue the game till the time, blocks did not touch the top and then see that how much score you have made.

11- PacMan Original:-

PacMan Original

It is a classical and a most popular game which recently has completed its 30th year. This is really a fun loving and an interesting game that can make anyone feel amused and amazed. The thrill involved in this game is the main reason of its success.

12- Super Mario Bros:-

Super Mario Bros

This superb, amazing and a thrilling game has been designed by a Japanese video designer. With Google Chrome, you can enjoy the fun and excitement involved in this game and the best part is that this is ideal for all age groups.

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