10 Worst Prisons In The World

Have you ever realized that how is the life behind bars? It is good that you have not up till now since you are indeed going to shudder to even think the kind of practices which goes behind the prisons. The article will be an eye opener for many, since you never have projected that prisoners indulge in the worst of heinous acts which can never be acceptable by any human imagination. The situation aggravates further mainly due to the fact that living a prisoner’s life is indeed a challenge in itself since it is overcrowded where the proper hygiene seems to be the luxury which only few could afford. The worst usually awaits as in order to show the supremacy, groups are formed which eventually lead to gang wars as well. Hence, a “lot” goes into some of the worst prisoners in the world.

Following are 10 worst prisoners in the world:-

Rikers Island – New York, USA

New York’s Rikers Island has indeed been infamous due to the various incidents of stabbings and attacks in 1990s. The atrocities were committed to such an extent that attacks on fellow inmates were in full swing. Hence, it got the name of being the roughest in New York streets as the prison has been the witness to various heinous activities in history.


Montelupich Prison, Poland

This prison stands testimony to the torture which was done as a way to interrogate the prisoners. This was equally the same prison where Polish soldiers were murdered too.

Montelupich Prison, Poland

La Sante, Paris

Can you term the prison to be good where violence is the daily norm? You surely won’t. Isn’t it?  The deplorable conditions had taken its tool on the lives of prisoners as whopping 122 prisoners ended their lives in the year 2002 and another 73 in 2003.

La Sante, Paris

Diyarbakr Prison Turkey

Can you believe than a prison can actually cross all its lines of atrocities? Diyarbakr Prison has been the epicenter of such atrocities where not just one or two but as many as 34 prisoners had to loose their lives between 1981 and 1984. Wrong doings were at its best as the prison is indeed a spine chilling reminder to those gory acts.

Diyarbakr Prison Turkey

Nairobi Prison – Nairobi, Kenya

The prison which was built in 1911 for a total capacity of 800 prisoners exceeded beyond 3000 in 2003. Little is put to imagination of the deplorable condition of the prison. It was a challenge to be healthy and safe thanks to the unhygienic conditions as the overall condition was simply pathetic to say the least.

Nairobi Prison - Nairobi, Kenya

Rikers Island Prison

Rikers Island Prison became the base for various heinous activities such as beating, stabbing and the list just goes on and on. This is another prison which highlights the extent of violence any body can resort to. The kind of oppression was to such an extent that 6 inmates even committed suicide by using bed sheets.


Gldani Prison, Tbilisi, Georgia

Georgia is one of those places which register the lowest crime rates in Europe but looking at the prison will make you bewildered to the core. There is no upkeep of hygienic conditions as sexual assaults are rampant and prisoners are not looked after, in any way as well.

Gldani Prison, Tbilisi, Georgia

San Juan de Lurigancho – Lima, Peru

Referred as one of the worst and toughest prisons which South America has seen, the actions inside the prison totally justified the same as well. Having a capacity of 2,500 inmates, the prison is overcrowded manifolds as it holds whopping 7,000 prisoners without proper infrastructure. You cannot help yourself but to be surprised to the core after learning the extreme power of these prisoners who have got such a strong hold over the area, that they are actually operating the “Lurigancho’s market” where fruits, vegetables, drugs, clothes as well as DVDs are sold. So, how they operate the market by being confined in their prison? They hire banned cell phones which becomes the base for them in accomplishing their tasks. There have been incident of bitter fights which led to murders as well.

San Juan de Lurigancho - Lima, Peru

La Sabaneta Prison

Venezuela houses this infamous prison where the prisoners cannot keep themselves away from violence even for a day. The situation aggravates further due to outbreaks along with lack of food and care. What more can be said of a prison where 100 inmates were massacred in 1994. It is indeed a sad state of affairs. Isn’t it?

La Sante

Vladimir Central Prison, Russia

This historical prison was built in the year 1783 and the main aim was to keep political prisons. However, a lot has changed for the worst since it has become over crowded and the concerned authorities of jail give third degree of torture to the inmates by beating them up. It has also resulted in the death of many prisoners.

Vladimir Central Prison, Russia

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