10 Ways To Find out fake profiles on Facebook

In past recent years, the popularity of Facebook is growing at a fast pace and with this, people at an increasing number are putting fake profiles on this highly popular social networking website. Some people use these fake ID’s just for fun while others intentions towards making these fake ID’s is not at all honorable. These people create fake profiles who sent friend requests to you with a motive to send you potentially harmful website. So, you may is thinking that what to do in order to identify these fake profiles on Facebook.

fake profiles on Facebook

If you’re a Facebook user, then you must should be alert when you get a friend request from  a potential fake profile.

1- Unlikeness in profile information :-

If you got mutual friends, confirm that if they actually know that person. You can also consider using Google to check that the information carried by the profile for inconsistencies. A quick Google search will make you available the genuine information of that person.

2- Profile is always public :-

Most people pluck their privacy settings so that only their friends can see their shared pictures, videos and all. If you have received a friend request and you are able to browse through the photos, videos, albums of that profile, then this will also give you an idea that may the profile is fake.

3- Fake Profile Photos is often a glamorous girl / boy :-

People using fake profiles often use photos of some celebrities or attractive personalities. The main intention of these people is to attract suspect people.

4- Huge friend list :-

People with fake profiles do everything to acquire more and more friends. They do this practice in order to make their profile look natural and decent. See if in that ID, there are lots of friends recently added, then that might be a fake profile.

5- Fake profiles rarely have genuine or real photos :-

In these profiles, the mostly tagged photos are of cartoons or generated photos from Facebook applications or from Google. The images must be low in quantity.

6- Not much profile related information :-

These sort of profiles do not include any information and the things which are available do not actually tell anything because people who create fake profiles does not find time to write long and lengthy details.

7- Friend request from celebrities :-

If you have received a friend requests from star, celebrity, politician and other popular personalities, you frequently approach it. But mind it that these kind of profiles are fake.

8- Fake profiles hardly have interactions :-

These profiles generally got comments like thanks for add or some like on their status updates. Moreover, they will not even comment on other’s photos and status updates.

9- Profiles that advertise nature :-

These kind of fake profiles are filled with various branded products for promotion. Internet marketers utilize this technique to  drive traffic to their websites.

10- Network of fake profiles :-

Fake profiles tend to make them look renowned and acclaimed by linking them to another fake profiles as these people got big circle over these social networking sites. However, this point is rare as generally people do not find time to make their profiles even more than good.

These above mentioned steps will make you know regarding the fake profiles.

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