10 Ways To Deal With Anxiety

Anxiety can be characterised as follows –
1. Trouble paying attention
2. No self-control
3. Bad memory
It is difficult to categorise anxiety as an illness due to the vagueness of the symptoms. Thus, it is no surprise that a very small population is actually both diagnosed and treated with anxiety. Here are a few simple ways to help keep your calm during anxious moments –
10 Ways To Deal With Anxiety

1. Emails, Emails, Emails!

Sort your emails by priority
It often confuses one to prioritise emails if there are way too many of them. Thus, sort your inbox in such manner that the important ones automatically get marked. There are enough features in Gmail that let you do so. Go ahead and use them!


2. To Do

 Build a To-do list
It is best to make a list of things you want to do. This way you can plan and sort your day accordingly. Be realistic when making your list. If you make an overcrowded list that you, yourself can’t complete, then it will beat the point of making a to-do list at all.


3. Keep your Office Desk Clean

Keep your Office Desk Clean
Clutter and mess around you is definitely going to cause more harm than good. Therefore, keep your office desk neat and clean. You will be able to work more easily on a cleaner desk.


4. Make a List of Ideas

Write down your ideas
Making a list of ideas is going to take you a long way. You may not be able to execute each and every idea but having a list will make a lot of sense. You can then materialise your ideas as time goes by.


5. Procrastination is an eternal sin

Procrastination is an eternal sin
Instead of putting things off, organise and plan and complete them. Do not panic if something is left incomplete. You can still finish it off. Just ensure that you have kept some space for in-case you can’t do it in time.

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6. Keep your own deadlines

Have deadlines for each milestones
It doesn’t matter whether you have or haven’t been given a certain deadline for a certain task. Make your own deadlines and aim to finish within them. You can make the deadlines as tangible or intangible as you like.


7. Calendar Reminders are your Best Bet!

Calendar Reminders
If you set reminders on the calendar, you will know that you are on track. Therefore, ensure that you set vague calendar reminders for your tasks and see how you will make great progress.


8. Grip the Stress in the Balls!

Grip the Stress in the Balls
Use stress balls to lighten the atmosphere. You will feel much more relaxed with these and you can then practice thinking clearly and working things out. Therefore, ensure that you use stress balls.


9. Social Media is a Distraction

Close all social media distractions
Like it or not, social media is a huge distraction. Therefore, it is always a great idea to shut it out when you are doing important work. You can always turn it on during breaks or when you are free. However, don’t lose track of time and get back to work as soon as you can.


10. Remember the Breaks!

Take short breaks
Do not forget to keep taking small breaks as work progresses. It will keep you going. Also, don’t forget not to elongate the breaks.
Have a good life!

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