10 Very Odd, Weird and Cool Jobs That Pay Really Well

So what do you in order to earn your living? Here are the top ten odd, weird yet cool jobs across the globe which are ideal for people who love adventures and thrill.

1- Egg breaker/Smeller :- The smell of rotten eggs is one of the least pleasant smell. Generally people feel like vomit. But there are some people who are actually paid for this sickening task. These people are known as egg breakers. They are employed to separate yolks and whites which further can be used in other foods. This is really a weird job.

Egg breaker

2- Worm picker :- Before catching a fish, you first need to catch a worm or need to hire someone for that. The people who do this work get 4 cents per worm. This crawling work is done across Canadian farm fields. The best time to do this is dark in the rain.

Worm picker

3- Cow inseminator :- Its an amazing technology technique in which a special computer program is utilized to work out when a cow is there on heat in order to check out that is the cow is compatible with the sperm donor. The modern cell freezing tactics enable the semen on ice till the accurate and perfect time. Wearing a long glove, these individuals put inside the cow’s v*gina for breeding. This is actually the task ideal for people who love thrill.

Cow inseminator

4- Body farm caretaker :- Nowadays, body farms have replaced from cuddly animals to rotten human bodies There are dead bodies buried in mud. These caretakers need to arrange the corpse into a sequence order and have to take care of them properly.

Body farm caretaker

5- Chicken S*xer :- Welcome to the world of chicken s*xing. A chicken s*xer’s job is to check regarding latest hatchlings are male or female. Then after that they took females for the production of eggs and males of breeding objectives.

Chicken Sexer

6- Shark tank cleaner :- Window cleansing is not a very funny or interesting profession. There are people who work to clean the shark tanks deep under the water in huge oceanparks wearing scubacostumes. They will be getting 10 cents for each hour.

Shark tank cleaner

7- Roadkill cleaner :- Dead animals are safer as compared to sharks. Rotten animals laydown on the road are picked up by these individuals and this contain huge amount of smell. But these people are paid for this work.

Roadkill cleaner

8- Virtual gold farmer :- There are numerous online fantasy games here which allow you win great profits and money. Playing these games in an effective manner, you will be winning gold which you can sell to the another nerd player for playing that  game.

Virtual gold farmer

9- Fortune cookie writer :-  In this, you will be ask to pay for a Chinese meal. This falls into the same category as craker joke writer as well as a greeting card message creator. Its actually a job which includes fun and interest.

Fortune cookie writer

10- Zombie :- In this, people visit corpse farms and they are handing brains to eat. The individuals sharing the same profession gather together at London bridge for promotional opportunities and play their own role.


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