10 Very Hot Web Design Trends in 2013 For Web designers

Here in this web edition, Its been discussed regarding the incredible and wonderful features of HTML5 which came into existence when it is combined with CSS3 and Javascript. Since last few years with the rising popularity of flash has down may web designers. It was  not actually the fault of technology but it’s the fault of people who are utilizing it in a wrong manner. Below mentioned are some newest web design trends that are helping web designers to again come up and is allowing them do innovations again.

Web Design Trends in 2013

1-Loading screens :- It’s the real fact that nobody in this world who is utilizing PC do not want a slow moving loading screen. Ask it yourself that if you want a web experience full of waiting?your answer must be a big NO. This is the newest web design trend.

Loading screens

2- Hidden navigation :- Generally, HTML5 websites are based upon scrolling and allow users to jump down directly in order to browse the new sections, other than navigating through bunch of pages.

3- Making demands :- Visitors need not learn the navigation processes of websites. No matter whether you are running a website over iPad or over the desktop, you need not forced yourself to utilize arrow keys for navigation. With this, you can even run websites over smart phones.

4- Images in place of text :- Images are used in place of text to show things in a more creative manner. Images can define things better than text and looks more wonderful, as well.

Making demands

5- Contrast fail :- This is almost visible over low rent monitor or desktop.

Images in place of text

6- Dubious animation :- One best thing about HTML5 and CSS3 is it allows lightweight animations to be added over web pages but one thing more that animations are distraction and that is why they need to be utilized with caution. This will truly add a new experience for web designers.

Contrast fail

7 – Mystery meat icons :- Utilizing icons for navigation keys looks good only if they are obvious. Utilize icons that actually make sense and looks cool as well and must be relevant.

Dubious animation

8- Bossy browser behavior :- This navigation reveals and then underrate itself within near about 5 seconds. Various links scroll to different areas of a web page but clicking over the refresh button, the page gets in the new tab.

Bossy browser behavior

9- Small fonts :- Chunky fonts sets down in a obvious manner only if the body is tiny and got navigational text. In addition to that, small, skinny and light colored text does not work or looks good dark or bright backgrounds.

Small fonts

10- Lame pop-ups :- In this, the worst thing is in first step only it asked about creating a free account and pop ups also do not get disappeared after your ignorance even.

Lame pop-ups

Before utilizing an advanced technology, keep in mind both risks and opportunities involved in it. Remember the UX parameters and user. Make sure to utilize if it is obvious not if you can do that.

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