10 Tricks To Download Videos From YouTube

YouTube has essentially monopolized the world of online video market. Almost all videos are exclusively uploaded on YouTube and the archive of videos is extremely large. That’s enough introducing YouTube, everyone is familiar with it; and most of us are even familiar with ways to download from YouTube. But there are times when our tricks fail or just get too frustrating. So why don’t we make a collection of all these tricks and tips so next time when we want to get a video, we get it hassle free.

1. Built in Download:

YouTube has provided download option for some of their videos. There’s a button just underneath the video box & besides the like button. The simplest and most direct method.

Built in Download

2. YTD YouTube Downloader:

It’s a software which lets you save videos not only from YouTube, but from tons of other websites and play them on your computer. To boot, it’s free for Windows & Mac. It also has a built in video converter. (Install It Now)

YTD YouTube Downloader

3. Easy YouTube Video Downloader:

If you use Firefox, then this is for you. It’s as add-on which allows simple and easy direct download directly within the YouTube page itself. (Install It Now)

YouTube to mp3 Converter

4. YouTube to mp3 Converter:

If you are not on a smart phone, then viewing and download YouTube video is a nightmare. But this little site works flawlessly on normal multimedia phones and allows download from YouTube in multiple formats. Of course this site works on PC too. The only con is that you’ve to wait a bit for the site’s conversion process to get over, before you get the download link. (Install it Now)

YouTube to mp3 Converter

5. Fetch Video:

This is a nifty site that allows you to download videos from multiple website in different formats. The reason why I chose this site over so many others is because the server speeds are quite good. I’ve compared download speed of this site with others, like keepvid.com, but so far fetchvideo.com gives the best speed. (Install It Now)

Fetch Video

Another nifty feature is that if you add “kiss” before the youTube URL, you are automatically taken to the download page. Example:



6. Internet Download Manager:

This is another software which is actually a download organizer. But IDM has a nifty feature. Whenever you are on a site containing a video, a small IDM balloon pops up asking you if you want to download it. Click yes, choose your location & voila, you’re done. (Install It Now)

Internet Download Manager (IDM)

7. Free Download Manager:

Another download manager, but this one offers different features. In the main window, you can choose the video tab and enter the URL of any page containing your desired video, and FDM will download it by itself. It also allows conversion of videos. (Install It Now)

Free Download Manager

8. Real Player:

This is a video player, particularly known for .rmvb files. After you install this software, whenever you play a YouTube video, Real Player asks whether you want to download it. It makes viewing and downloading videos a breeze. (Install It Now)

Real Player

9. Free Video Downloader:

It’s an application used to download videos from hundreds of websites. Just download and install the software to get unlimited access to videos and convert them to your liking with a single click. (Install It Now)

Freemake Video Downloader

10. Torch Browser:

One of the latest browser, it has everything from YouTube download to torrent download. It provides inbuilt option to download videos from YouTube and other video sites. Combine this with other awesome features of Torch, and you’ve got yourself a killer browser. (Install It Now)

With the fore mentioned tips, it’s unlikely that you will ever face trouble downloading from YouTube again. These are the best methods to use when trying to download videos but just to be on the safe side, let’s discuss one more before we quit.


A website based downloading service, savevid allows for easy download of videos from YouTube (and other sites) with no wait and multiple options for format. Just copy your link into this website and hit download. You’ll get the required links to download your videos within a few moments. (How to use Savevid.com)

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