10 The Best Rap Songs of All Time

Music is an art who do have sound and silence its medium. Its common elements are pitch that controls over melody and harmony, rhythm. Music is of various types and it is believed that music can express our feelings in a more effective manner than words. There are numerous music lovers across the globe but each one of them have a different choice. There are people who love listening rap songs. Browsing the web, you will find an endless range of rap songs. Below, I have lined up the top and best rap songs of all time.

 Best Rap Songs

1- Lose yourself – Eminem:- This is actually the best rap song. Every lyric and word is clearly understandable and meaningful. Every beat of the song is catchy and make you feel like awesome. Lyrics and melodies do are mixed together in an effective manner. This song do have capability to pumped people and ensure to touch your heart along with offering delicacy to our life.


2- Changes – 2 pac:- This song will make people know that how they make their life even more better with doing things in a real simple manner and by listening the world around them. Its been shown in this song that if somebody is trying and making changes in the world then, it is possible that may be you could be living in affinity in spite of war. 2pac is really a fantastic rapper ever.


3- Juicy- Notorious B.I.G:- This is really a timeless and a classic song. The time it releases, it becomes one of the best song of that time. Its really the most inspirational and eye opening song.


4- Hit Em UP:- This song really have an amazing beat. Its actually an old classic rap which has been blended with modern beat. This is really a chilling and an interesting song. This is really a best song ever and the singer itself is the most legendary rapper ever. This song is the mixture of excellent beats and superb lyrics.


5- Dance with the devil – immortal technique:- This is the song which can actually pomp up people. IT is the most underground rapper. This song is really an amazing one. Hearing to the first time, the lyrics will actually make you feel awesome. A great blend of emotions with modernity is being showed in this song.


6-Remember the name- Fort Minor:- Hearing this song for the first time, you will truly feel like yourself over the great heights and will make you feel that you have achieved something. Its really an inspirational song with excellent beats and wonderful lyrics.


7- Not Afraid- Eminem:- Its really an emotional and a well written song. Eminem is actually a rapper king. Its something like which made you shivers. Its really a beautiful song simply a blend of wonderful lyrics and beats.


8- One Mic- Nas:- This is really the best rap song ever. It do involves amazing lyrics, beats and flow. Listening to the first time, you will actually feel like awesome or do have a great feeling.


9- Stan- Eminem:- Its really one of the best song which do have an engaging story. It got a blend of superb lyrics which do have a great meaning. Really make one feel goes deeper inside the song.


10- Nuthin but a G thang- Dr.dre:- This is really a top hip hop critic or you can say a real classic number. The 2 legend rappers have made this song a top and a best one. Lyrics also is classic and awesome. This song had involve its name in the history of rap songs.


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