10 The Best Party Ideas For New Year’s Eve From Randomstory

As the New Year approaches closer, people start brainstorming about the Party ideas. Some think of travelling to another place and spending their new year with a new spirit at a new place. At the other hand, some people prefer to stay in their hometown and have a blast in the city clubs. Depending on the taste of every person, the New Year ideas differ.

New Year’s Eve is the time when people want to be happy and wholeheartedly welcome the New Year. All the stress and tensions are left behind and people want to have a fresh start in their lives. Thus, in many prospects the New Year’s Eve celebration is an important one. We, on behalf of Randomstory have picked out a few ideas that you may employ in order to make the New Year’s Eve more entertaining and more fun. Here are the best party ideas for the New Year’s Eve from Randomstory:

10 The Best Party Ideas For New Year’s Eve From Randomstory

1. Make an alcohol free revolution in the house. Tell your house inmates not to drink a drop of alcohol before the New Year’s start. This can create an anxiety among the guests as well as the inmates and drinking could be more fun after the clocks have striked twelve. In this way, everyone will eagerly wait for the New Year and they would be happier at the start of the New Year. Every one plans to drink crazily on the New Year’s eve but you can try to be a little different and dominate the night with alcohol free atmosphere. It is one of the best party ideas for New Year’s Eve from Randomstory.

2. Create a dim atmosphere in your house before the clocks turn 12. This could be done by turning all the lights off and flaming candles all over the house. It would not only create a dim atmosphere at the house but also spread romance in the air. Once the clocks turn 12, all the lights shall be turned on. This would appeal to the guests as well as the inmates, since it would give the impression of “lights after dark” at the start of New Year.

3. Invite a musician over. This could be done by asking any of your friends who knows to play an instrument; it could be guitar, violin or something similar. The New Year’s Eve could be started with some lounge music and improvisation with the musical instrument and when the clocks turn twelve, beats-equipped music shall take place of the lounge. This would convey a change in the environment and mood. It could be one of the best party ideas for the New Year’s Eve.

4. Silly is in. Yes, you can arrange for the horns, New Year caps and get everyone dressed in a traditional way. Welcoming the New Year with full preparation is a good option for the New Year’s Eve party.

5. When you invite guests over for the party, ask them for their music choice and their favorite songs. Once, they arrive you can try playing those songs at the party place. This would not only make them happy but also make the environment very cool.

6. Try to arrange a Salsa evening and give a reminder to the people about learning Salsa dance before turning for the party. This would enable the guests to know each other better and get closer with the help of dancing. Salsa is a very nice art of dancing and apart from enjoying the New Year’s eve with drinks, people will also land a chance to learn the basics of Salsa.

7. If you do not have a big budget for the party, you need not worry. Ask your best friends to come over and ask them to take their own alcohol for the party. This is one of the most cost-effective plans for a New Year’s party. You can prove to be a good host if you entertain them with music and engaging them in the party. In this way, you don’t need to have an extra burden of drinks on you.

8. Ask everyone to bring at least one New Year gift with them. Once the clocks strike twelve, the gifts shall be kept at one place (they should be wrapped). Everyone gets a chance to grab their presents for the New Year’s. This would bring them sheer happiness at the start of the New Year and there can’t be anything more interesting than the party idea like this.

9. Make home-made food. You can ask the guests to intervene and make food for everyone. The guests who like to cook will surely join the food making fun and it could decrease your burden too. After the food making is done, people can sit down together and eat together. A lot of conversations can follow after a good dinner.

10. Try playing some games with the guests in order to entertain them. Since there might be some guests who do not know each other and it would be a great platform for them to know one another. These games can also help them know about each other’s personalities. Jokes can follow after the game. In the midst of the party, every person should submit their initiative for the new years. They should submit a list of 10 things they would like to do in the New Year.

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