10 The Best Animes Of All Times (Part 1)

Animes need no introduction; these are already extremely famous around the world. Kids are crazy for animes, and teens just idolize them while many adults have fond memories of animes. Animes come in all categories; from babies to adults and everything in between. Animes can be comical and humorous or grim and serious, kids-oriented or adults-oriented, action and adventure or soap and drama and so on.

Best Animes

With such wide popularity, anime enjoys a strong fan-base. And some animes are more favored then others. Everyone must have heard of Pokemon, Dragonball, Naruto,Digimon, etc. What makes some animes gain such a strong foothold is a debatable topic. But one can’t argue that characters and plotlines play an integral role to it. Based on these two criteria, we have listed the best 10 animes of all times.

10) Slayers :

This series is a classic from the 1990’s. Even though it’s quite an old series, it’s popular enough to garner two sequels in 2008. The protagonist, Lina Inverse is one of the best characters out there. The series is action oriented, but it’s got a light, comical theme to it. A mix of magic and swords are used for battle and the main cast is quite hilarious. The opening and ending themes are one of the best ever.


9) Gundam Wing :

Gundam series is already popular all over Japan and abroad, and one of the best Gundam series out there is Gundam Wing. This series tops all other series because of it’s amazing cast and intense plotline. This is a totally action series with great battle scenes involving gundams (robots made for battle). There’s a subtle touch of moral and intense touch of plot twists.

Gundam Wing:

8) Digimon (season 1 to 4) :

Digimon has everyone going crazy over it. The first four seasons were the best ones. The digimon monsters are so adorable, and the main cast is great too. The best part about Digimon is the focus on friendship and companions. It’s episodes are funny and there’s a new adventure for the digi-destined kids every time. Any anime lover should definitely give this anime a shot; it’s worth it and a lot more.

Digimon (season 1 to 4)

7) Detective Conan :

There are lots of anime under the genre of mystery and crime solving out there, but nothing beats Conan. The protagonist is just a kid (actually he is a high schooler who has become a kid due to the side effect of a drug he was forced to consume) and the cast is amazing. Besides the mysteries in each episodes, there is a main mystery which is the catch plot of the series. Detective Conan has the plot, characters and mystery to even take on Sherlock Holmes.

Detective Conan

6) Angel Beats :

This anime has a serious theme to it, but here are so many jokes, it’s hard to remain serious. Plus, it’s tear-jerker too. With an amazingly superb graphics and cast, this anime is a must watch. It has a pleasing balance between comedy and action, with some amazing background tracks and a loveable cast. The 13 episode seems too little for the series, but other than this, this anime has one of the greatest plotline and theme ever used in any anime.

Angel Beats

These are the five best anime ever aired, and the next five would be covered in our next articles. Every year, dozens of animes are released, with one better than the other, and picking out the best among them is a sore point for anime lovers. Despite this, some animes have shattered all records and they obviously deem more respect than other animes. Hopefully this list did justice to all those great animes out there.

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