10 The Best And Most Funniest Websites On Internet

These websites area unit a guilty pleasure for several… they need associate degree addictive  attractiveness, and lend themselves to a minimum of thirty minutes of browsing per day, betting on your preferences. As you examine the dynamic list below, bear in mind that “SFW” stands for “Safe for Work”, wherever the sites have clean content appropriate for many viewers. Be warned, however: unless the location is expressly labeled  as SFW below, use caution before you open it.

1. Where Cool Things Happen

Where Cool Things Happen blog

SFW: This picture diary is devoted to ennobling news in art, travel, lifestyle, gadgetry, and most something in life that may offer you a ‘WOW’ feeling. the images here cowl the complete spectrum of human expertise, from dish art, to driving dogs, to Mongalian desert hotels, to associate degree corporate executive check out Google’s server farms. Wunderbar!

2. F***MyLife


You think your life sucks? Here are thousands of users sharing awful anecdotes and private discharge. however a swain ruined someone’s day, or however a tutor crushed a young person’s esteem; however the mechanic shafted somebody on a repair job, or however an exquisite lady destroyed a human self thought. Pitiful? affirmative. habit-forming to browse this stuff? completely.

3. I Waste So Much Time Dot Com

i waste so much time

Somewhat SFW: Its name defines it well, however it understates simply however compelling the content is. Take this toy poster, as an example. there’s tremendous talent and thought place into a seamless factors. Or check out this child jumping skipping rope… the coordination needed here is spectacular. the location name is incredibly well attained, and you may love each second that you just pay here.

4. Reddit


Reddit may be a combination of user-generated news and social ballot. everyone and anybody will post a link at Reddit, add an outline, and encourage the globe to go to that recommendation. Reddit users, in turn, vote positive and negative responses to grade the attractiveness of every link. Reddit is hugely addictive  for individuals with short attention spans.

5. Zerg Net

Zerg Net

Somewhat SFW: This enthusiasts’ website is devoted mostly to phantasy and fantasy fans, however has tremendous charm for folks of all tastes. the highest ten Life-Changing Movies, the simplest Movies that might Become Real, the highest Freak-Out Gamers of All Time: you are absolute to realize these news items and covert stories fascinating. Be warned: there’s some sexual content in these Zerg web pages, therefore use caution concerning surfriding this website at work.

6. PopSalad: Pop Culture Made Into a Game

PopSalad: Pop Culture Made Into a Game

SFW: If you wish popular culture and revel in following celebrities within the news, then you’ll fully experience PopSalad. Score points for each time Lance Armstrong apologizes on TV. Advance your team when America’s Next prime Model eliminates a contestant. opt for the winner of woman Gaga vs. Rihanna. Nifty!

7. The Chive

The Chive

Somewhat SFW: The Allium schoenoprasum is all concerning random-but-interesting news. it’s additionally a photograph and video journal of inspiring thoughts and facts. Therefore the absurd. whereas several photos of undergrads having fun), there’s definite content charm for anyone WHO likes curious news. return see why many of us claim that The Allium schoenoprasum is ‘the best web site within the world’.

8. Bro Tips

Bro Tips

SFW: This web site is delightfully profound and nervy, all directly. Bro Tips is devoted to providing fashionable recommendation to men WHO wish to enhance themselves. Targeted at the post-adolescent, this life recommendation is additionally terribly pertinent to those of you over thirty, even over forty. The a lot of you browse Bro Tips, the a lot of thoughtful you are absolute to get. you may additionally laugh aloud at many of those perceptive tidbits!

9. Dear Blank: Please Blank

Dear Blank: Please Blank

SFW: This website is regarding poignant written letters. Letters from a crash victim to the opposite chauffeurs who may are rejected lover to her ex-partner. Letters of all types of high feeling and off-the-wall human expertise. This website is completely attractive as a research of human expertise and feeling.

10. WonderHowTo.com


SFW: How to intake fire. How to do flirting sort of a professional. the way to cut a bottle in 0.5. the way to tell the distinction between a prostitute and an secret cop. the way to steal a Guinness record for free of charge throwing. the way to flip your automobile into AN armored tank. the way to levitate a Zippo flame. the way to observe nukes.

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