Action movies are certainly a way of playing with the emotions of the audience. They start off often slowly so that one can associate with the character and then after that the real action starts. Below are the top ten action movies that have really win the hearts of people.

1- Snow white and the Huntsman:- With the release of snow white and the Huntsman, the debate around a fairy tale  Snow white and the Huntsman is truly based on well  known fable of affection and envy. The wicked queen ordered Huntsman to kill snow white because she is more beautiful than her. Fortunately, snow white was found in the dark forest where no  one wants to go. The main leads who had played the role of Snow white and the Huntsman had certainly do the fabulous acting.

Snow white and the Huntsman

2- Total Recall:- One of the best movie in this year. Total Recall is a story of a common man who accidentally becomes the major difference between the the world’s two biggest powers. So, he finds out that he was being used as a spy. The annoying thing is that he do not exactly know that to which  side is defeating. It is certainly one of the biggest summer blockbuster.

Total Recall

3- The Bourne Legacy:- In this movie, the world created by Robert Ludlum is truly vast same as the one created or designed by Marvel. This movie is the continuation of Bourne series based on special spy who has really became a danger. With the time around, we get to see a new spy instead of the main protagonist. The new characters and plot have certainly add  freshness to this new series.

The Bourne Legacy

4- The Amazing Spiderman:- The inclusion of the dazzling Emma store is really one of the numerous changes in this new release of Spiderman. Utilizing the original name which has certainly   dropped down years ago. In this movie, the Spiderman returns to his roots and numerous secrets related to his past, get revealed. The Lizard is one of the biggest enemy of the Spiderman. This new release of Spiderman is ready to enter into silver debut. It is really on the top among best action movie list.

The Amazing Spiderman

5- G.I. Joe. Retaliation:- This movie has really created an array of hype and people really have became eager to watch this movie. By the superb acting done by main leads, has made this movie enters into the silver screen.  This is certainly one of the most beautiful and really is a blockbuster.

G.I. Joe. Retaliation

6- Men in Black 3:- Will Smith really makes a comeback on the silver screen with Men in black 3. After his long time back to the silver screen, everyone is excepting a great movie this time and meeting or you can  say even exceeding their expectations, he has come up with his more refined acting.

Men in Black 3

7- The Expendables 2:- With a more star studded, this movie has enjoys the reputation of being the most awaited action movie of this year. This awesome movie features Bruce Wills, Jean-Claude, Chuck Norris and many more.

The Expendables 2

8- The Avengers:- This superb movie has hit 1 billion mark in just 15 days after its released. It is created in the face of greatest threat known to man and the superheroes overcome or resolve their problems. The blend of traditional and old heroes with modern equipment are the major enjoyable effect.

The Avengers

9- Battle ship:- It brings the vibe of 80’s into a different fashion. So-on after its release, it has become a blockbuster with the superb acting done by the main leads. Really a superb movie, you must watch this who had missed up.

Battle ship

10- The Dark Knight Rises:- The trailers of this superb movie has certainly made people eager to watch this movie. It has been directed by Christopher Nolan is really a seasoned director and is well known for his transformation of simple ideas into the most breathtaking ones. It is on top in the list of the best action movies and it certainly deserves it.

The Dark Knight Rises:

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