10 Stop Motion Animation Ideas For Beginners

Stop motion animation technology is making a buzz in the animation industry at the moment.  It is a technique with which the physical objects are portrayed to be moving on the screen.

Stop Motion made with the help of photographic frames placed in measured distance. It creates the illusion of the movement of objects.

The experts sometimes criticize this technology on account of appearing strobe. However, appreciated for catering to swift movements across the screen without any hassles.

Here are the top 12 stop motion animation ideas for the beginners:

1. Fancy Fruits (Stop Motion Animation)

2. Heartbeats (Stop Motion Animation)

3. Sticky Note Stop Motion

4. The PEN Story


5. Paper Heart (Stop Motion)


6. Go Do – {chalkboard imagination}


7. Gummy Bears Gone Hamster (Stop Motion Animation)


8. Stop Motion Animation Origami


9. Stop Motion Whiteboard Video


10. Angry Birds Stop Motion Animation


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