10 Signs You Have A great Girlfriend And She Is Wife Material

‘Everybody makes mistakes; everybody has those days’ goes a famous Hannah Montana song. It is applicable to relationships of today’s day and age. Until you find a perfect partner, you have to go through a bunch of wrong partners. From the most selfish women to the most affluent one, you can come across anyone. However, as time passes by, you understand the nuances of a relationship and you get a realistic view of what you want your partner to be like. Of course, you will sooner or later, find the perfect girl ever. How will you know though? Here are 10 signs that’ll help you find out –

10 Signs You Have A great Girlfriend And She Is Wife Material

1. An Independent Woman

This one goes without saying. You don’t have to be the one who ends up taking care of her. As long as she is strong enough to take care of herself and you as well, you have got things going in your favour. Hey! That doesn’t mean you can’t caress her every once in a while!

2. Interesting Enough

Only if a girl can hold conversations with you that make sense, and can keep you interested for long enough, will the relationship last. If this is not happening, you are definitely going downhill.

3. Getting along with family and friends

This is important if you are serious about your relationship. If you want to marry her, then she should be comfortable with your family members and your friend circle. Of course, getting along doesn’t mean that she be best friends with your mom but they can surely be cordial.

4. Intelligence is the new sexy!

Nothing is sexier than intelligence. If you have a girlfriend, who has opinions but is open to others opinions, then you have truly struck a deal. After all, you can only talk to a person if they have something to say.

5. She is there for you at all times.

A good girlfriend is going to be there for you whenever you need her. She will listen to your problems and give you that hug that you are vying for. You don’t want a partner who doesn’t have time for your problems.

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6. Respect is a key component.

If she respects you as well as the relationship, then you will definitely have struck gold. However, remember that you shall only receive what you give.

7. She motivates you to do better.

When in love, your partner makes you want to be a better person. She doesn’t have to go out of her way to do it. Her mere presence, her aura is enough to make you want to do better in all components of life.

8. You can have interests of your own

You know what’s cool? When you can play counter strike on your own without she taking a piss on you! If she lets you do this, life is going to be awesome. It also means that she can enjoy her own life.

9. She can make you laugh

It takes a certain girl to be able to make you laugh. If she has the capacity to make you laugh in the most difficult times, then well, you should wife her right away!

10. She lets you be yourself

She doesn’t want to change anything about you. She accepts you with all your imperfections and she is perfectly happy with the way you are means that she is truly in love with you.

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