10 Signals Of The Dog Being Your BFF

It’s a myth that only humans can be your BFF, the animals can also make a good friend out of their nature towards you. The main attribute that sets dogs apart from the other animals in the pet world is their attention to the owner. They make you feel like you are the most wonderful person in the world and take my words, it’s one of the best feelings you can go through.

Dogs are not needy and that is not the only reason why they start buttering you. Actually the dogs that you own can be in awe of you and feel attached altogether. Whether they play, sleep or walk, it’s only their owner that lingers on their mind. If they fall for someone, it is a thunder struck feeling for them.

10 Signals Of The Dog Being Your BFF

There are typical signals that a dog gives when he is in awe of his owner and considers them their BFF. Here are they:

1. They would never leave you alone:

The dogs that are very close to their owner tend to be their shadow. You can be followed by the dog everywhere you go. No matter you are working on the laptop, playing sports or doing some other recreational activity, they would like to jump in and spend time with you. This is a very strong sign that they really love you.

2. They like to become the bathroom savior:

Usually the dogs who love their owners tend to look out for them even when they take shower. They do not like their BFF to shut down the door of the bathroom because it gives the dog a feeling of not being able to protect their friend. Hence, when the dogs get annoyed seeing you close the door of your bathroom, it is a sign that you are their BFF.

3. They like to share meals:

When your dog loves you, he prefers to share the meals with you. They tend to come closer while you are having lunch or dinner. In a fraction of seconds, the mouth of the dog starts watering by staring you eat. It does not matter to them if a bunch of people are noticing them. This is another sign of their belongingness to their owner and their unconditional love for them.

4. Time killing is difficult for  them without you:

For the dogs who are no less than a BFF to you, it is hard to kill the time when they are away from you. They are constantly in thoughts of you and feel like cuddling you as soon as possible. Time is hard for them to kill. When you reach the house, your BFF dog tends to hug you very tight in compassionate manner. This is a sign of their love for you.

5. They love to lick feet:

It may sound a bit harsh but the dogs love to lick the feet of their owner. It is a sheer pleasure to them if the owner allows them to take care of their feet and make it wet with their saliva. If your dog likes to lick your feet, it is a great sign that they are becoming your BFF.

6. They hold their gaze when in need:

A dog that has turned into a BFF to you may turn his gaze to you when he needs something. You can feel the desire or need for something in their eyes. It is a magical look and only the dogs that are close to their owners tend to give that look. If your dog is doing the same, you must understand that he is considering you to be his BFF.

7. They are not shy and make fuss regularly:

When the dogs consider you as their BFF, they actually don’t care about being clean. They tend to create a fuss with a hassle free mind. In the subconscious mind of these dogs, the state of getting away from such things starts creeping in. Well, their owner is their BFF, so there should be some advantages to it, right?

8. They don’t bother when you are sleeping:

The dogs that are close to their owners never disturb them from sleeping. The dogs tend to learn the sleeping habits and timings of the owners and prefer not to bark at that point of time. This is a very warm gesture given by the dog in respect of his relationship with the owner.

9. They like to cuddle:

When a dog is very close to you as a creature, he likes to cuddle you as long as he can. This is a signature sign of showing love for the dogs. If your dog jumps at you on your arrival and hugs you, it means he is very fond of you.

10. They love to lick you:

When you have established a very strong connection with your dog, there is a possibility that he spends most of his time licking you. Some owners tend to refrain from such wet gesture but it is one of the best ways of showing affection in the language of dogs.

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