Although quite a lot of new things have come up when it comes to confessing your love for a person, I still think nothing can beat the old fashioned “I Love You” but just uttering these 3 words don’t mean anything until you prove it to your love. Today, we’re going to look at 10 of the most cutest and romantic ways to express your love towards your loved one.

I love you

Cherish the past.

This is something which will work wonders for you, if you’ve been in a relationship for long, both of you’d surely have a great number of special moments, and its time you guys take a look at it together and cherish those moments. Get a scrapbook, and add a lot of old pictures and write a story filled with love, fun moments and also a glance towards the future. This will surely make your bond much stronger.

Go On Dates Every Week

It’s often observed that after some time, both of you become less interested in romance, that is something which hints at the possibility of you guys not being able to find happiness together, and the best way to re-kindle your love towards your amante (Italian for lover) is to go on dates every weekend. Make sure you never hurry through this, put work away from your mind and focus on dinner. Find a good restaurant, and always remember that ambience is of much importance, find a suitable restaurant and talk about everything.

Be Childish

One of the main reasons for an unsuccessful relationship is our seriousness, its time we put that away and be more “kiddish”, that will surely make both of you happy rather than caring about serious things that doesn’t matter, just be like kids. Go to a theme park, get on a bouncing castle, have a pillow fight, watch cartoons the list is endless. Maybe a fun filled day without giving a damn about all the other things might just be what you guys need to love each other better.

Yell I Love You.

Nothing works better than the classic “I Love You” but it could be made more fun by yelling that to your loved one. When the two of you are out on the streets, say “I Love You” in front of everyone, it will show your partner how serious he or she is about you. So yell it to your lover next time like “I love you Matthew” (Use your partners name!)

Write a Love Letter.

Many of you might disagree but I think writing an old fashioned love letter is probably the cutest thing you can do for your lover. Include funny instances, poems or cheesy lines and make it worth reading a hundred times. Including a little bit of horny talk could be interesting too, but take care! Don’t give the letter to your lover directly, get a stamp and post it in a letter box, there is nothing better than a romantic surprise awaiting him/her in the mail.

Celebrate Every Milestone.

This is probably one of the most interesting thing you could do for your lover. Things which you consider small can be made big by celebrating it, celebrate your first kiss, or the day you met. I know that most of you may not even be remembering all these dates, but it doesn’t matter just make it up because the dates don’t matter. So how are you going to celebrate it? Try a bunch of fresh, aroma filled flowers, a card and also a dinner later in the evening.

Spice Things Up.

Maybe all you two are missing is some fun, both of you can enjoy when you spice things up. Try things like cuddling in the couch, winking in a busy crowd and of course flirt more, a lot more. Kissing more often can surely turn things on, drive onto a beautiful spot and make out in the car or a lonely spot, it’d surely be fun.

Write a Poem.

Writing a poem on your partner or love can be really romantic and especially women, they love it. Bring out the poet in you and write a romantic poem, which needn’t be perfect but make sure you add a lot of fun things to it, and your lover would surely love it and it will show him or her how much you care.

Email throughout the Day.

Work is something which takes us away from our loved ones, but still there is a way to stay in touch and that is Emailing, make the most out of the possibilities offered by the internet. Email throughout the day and your partner will surely realise the magnitude of your love.

Go On a Holiday.

Holidays can be something that the two of you can enjoy, take off from all of your problems and go away to some place nice and romantic like Paris or Venice. A vacation will surely make your love stronger, and there would be quite a lot to see and you can cuddle together at night. We’ve seen 10 ways to express your love towards your partner, and there are a lot more.

What do you do to make your partner happy? Let me know in the comments section below.

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