10 Reasons Why Everyone Loves ‘The Killing’

The Killing is an American crime drama television series which premiered on channel AMC on April 3, 2011 and was renewed for a second season in April 1, 2012 but unfortunately for fans, was cancelled here after. This was a devastating blow to all the loyal fans who earnestly adored The Killing because of its unique setting, character portrayal and intriguing plot line. But such an awesome series could not stay suppressed for long, and on January 15, 2013, a new season, the season 3 was announced.

So why did was the series halted suddenly; and then again with no warning was it uncanceled? The reason is simple-The Killing is too awesome of a series to be ignored! This series is must for all the sleuth and investigation loving fans out there, and here are the reasons why!

1. It’s a Classic!

This may sound cliché, but sometimes keeping things simpler is simply the best. The Killing has a classic tale of a gruesome murder with little to no fillers and downright straight approach to sleuthing which has its appeal. All episodes are no fuss and simply entertaining to watch.

It’s a Classic!

2. The Grim Mood:

The episodes are shot depicting usually rainy days and dark gray skies and murky scenes. The picturization is so vivid and well thought that it gives the feeling that one is present right there in the torrid rains under the turbulent skies surrounding you with its authenticity.

The Grim Mood

3. Legendary pairing:

Linden & Holder are legends in their own right, right beside Sam & Dean, batman & robin, Lily & Marshal, Walt & Jesse and so on. The pairing is so fresh and beautiful that one can’t help but be captured by their chemistry (or the lack of it).

Legendary pairing

4. Cliché:

Yes, I already mentioned this, but seriously, this series can even work wonders with cliché! For instance, the main plotline involves the classic and old ‘going to quit work cuz the hero is weary, but agrees on a last case which turns out to be life turning’. But despite this, The Killing has taken this cliché a step further and made it astonishingly enjoyable & memorable for us.


5. In depth Characters:

Each episode has an assortment of suspects and new characters. Yet in each episode, the story of each character is old in such dramatic, fascinating way that we feel we have known the character for a long time. We can’t help but eye our suspects suspiciously and be protective of those who we happened to adore.

In depth Characters

6. Political Drama:

Hey, this is not a simple procedural cop drama. It has lots of juicy bits going on, including a sub plot involving a corrupt mayor. The story is so intricately woven, it leaves you spell bound.

7. Good cop/Bad Cop:

Another classic; and yet again, another one of the charms of The killing. The portrayal of the good cop and the bad cop by the two leads actually adds another crucial and irresistible charm to the series with everyone watching these two in rapt attention to see the outcome.

Good cop/Bad Cop

8. Enigmatic and Mysterious:

The Killing focuses on one murder, which gives it time to flesh out each character properly. Furthermore, motives for characters behaviors are revealed while some more secrets are added. This makes for an imperative series where we are left guessing to the end.

Enigmatic and Mysterious

9. Awesome Cinematography:

Every shot, every scene, every move is shot in extreme detail; there’s no rushing of scenes, or plain laziness in shooting. Earnest efforts are out into filming each scene which gives a wonderful result and the series is entertaining to watch till the very end.

Awesome Cinematography

10. Hooking Ending:

In other words, cliff hangers. Augh the cliff hangers are so well thought of, you will be left clawing at your nails and ripping your hair out. Each episode solves the mystery of last cliff hanger only to leave us with another. This is so annoying and yet so compelling that you find yourself back to watch it week after week.

Hooking Ending

It’s already obvious why The Killing is loved so much and I, for one, am extremely excited to watch the series’ season 3. One might find this list biased, but hey, it’s a list of the reasons why The Killing is loved, and when it comes to love, you just can’t help but think with your heart. All the best to season 3 of ‘The Killing’.

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