10 Reasons to Die for PlayStation 4

The new survey just came in a few hours ago & apparently Sony is the adored winner in the clash of dominance between the two rivals, Sony’s PS4 & Microsoft’s Xbox One. 26% people voted their acceptance to buy PS4 compared to 15% who were willing to go with Xbox One. The rest, they preferred none (so is Nintendo in the race despite the fact that they are not releasing a new console any time soon? Or are people just tired of consoles?), so maybe they are satisfied with their earlier consoles.

PlayStation 4

If popular vote isn’t enough to persuade you to hook up with PS4, then maybe our 10 reasons might? Let’s go through the list to establish why PS4 rocks.

1. Region Free Gaming:

Are you a game importer? Or maybe you live in a country where buying games locally seems like a thing from future sci-fi movies? Whoa fear not, you are in luck! PS4 is region free which means you can buy your console even from Mars & still pop in a disc from Venus to annihilate zombies from Earth; no region specific clash.

2. Enforced Multiplayer:

Never mind what the title sounds like, this is one of the COOLEST new features of the PS4. It allows online multiplayer gaming even in games which only allow local multiplayer; in short you can drop into anyone’s game while in progress, take control of it & scare them silly. All this is possible just by dropping the extra online players into the controller 2, 3, and 4 slots.

3. Headset Bundles with your Controller:

Headsets right into the controller. Yeah, you read that right. PS 4 allow easier chatting while blowing up aliens and tethering on rooftops by simply plugging your headsets into your game controller. I don’t even have to state how awesome that is.

4. Remote Play via Vita Connectivity:

Next generation gaming on the go is finally a reality; or as close of a reality to next generation gaming as we can get now. Sony’s super idea of using streaming software of Gakai to convert the PS4 and Vita into a server and a client respectively will instantly garner many loyal fans. This technology allows a full-fledged console game to be taken off the television set and into a mobile device that can be carried anytime, anywhere. Plus Vita also substitutes as a motion detector handset. It’s ok if you want to cry at the awesomeness of this all, many fans too did cry. I think. Most probably.

5. Indie Titles:

Sony as usual is still committed to delivering indie titles and supporting indie developers. Some older Indie titles include smash hits like Flower, Journey, & Divekick, and the best part is that PS4 continues to help out indie developers by letting developers self-publish on PS4 servers. There’s always room for randomness, uniqueness, bluntness & surprises with PS4.

6 . Backward Compatibility with PS2 & 3:

True PlayStation 4 currently does not support PS2 and PS3 games with its current platform, Sony has promised that through the utility of cloud and the existing streaming abilities of PS 4, gamers will soon have access to an almost unparalleled games library ever. Or we can just try & jail-break it, right? Or hack it; or develop an emulator? No, I don’t endorse this, just stating what might happen.

7. Sell or Trade Your Game:

Yup, Sony now allows people to share not only texts, images, videos & game stats, but the entire game in itself. The era has finally come where gamers can finally borrow each other’s games without getting of their game chairs & venturing into the unknown & menacing realms of real life. Ah, the luxury of it all.

8. New Controller:

A newer design, a greater look, an exquisite feel; the new controller has a touch pad cum button, and a dedicated share button which takes screen caps and video of games that you are playing. It’s good news because if you play games a lot than your hands must ache at some familiar places. Fret not, the new console might not take away the pain, but it will shift the pain to new location, so your hands will hurt a lot less.

9. Peripheral-free Option:

PS 4 comes in two options – $499 for PS4 + PS Eye + 1 game (bundled), & $399 for only the PS 4 console. So if you are dying to get your hands on this technological piece of heaven but you happen not to have a gaming scholarship like your other friends to pay for your gaming addiction, fear not, just buy the damn console as a standalone, problem solved (Or so Sony thinks. Is there an EMI option?)

10. Social Media Integration:

I guess Sony is trying to entice non-nerds to play games too. I don’t stereotype people, but according to reports nerds avoid socialization, hence stay away social networks. So, why the social integration? But that aside, I’m sure people would love to update their status to ‘Sorry honey, Lara Croft’s kicking some goons, don’t have time! P.S: Already completed 95% of the game’. No sarcasm, I mean it seriously.


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