10 Of The Most Poisonous Snakes In The World

1. Rattlesnake :- The only snake in American’s list. The Rattlesnake can be easily identified with its tell tale rattle which is there on the end of its tail. They are basically from Pit Viper family and are capable of striking up to 2/3 of his total body length. In most species of rattlesnakes, there is hemotoxin venom, destroying tissues, organs can be regenerated as well as can cause disrupted blood clotting. Sometimes, person can be saves with its bite by an effective treatment but sometimes, it may lead to death. The symptoms after its bite are a problem while breathing, paralysis, great hemorrhaging. If its bite kept untreated, especially of adult species often results in fatal. However, if applied antivenin on time, then it reduces the death rate to less then 4 to 5 %.


2. Death Adder :- It is mostly found in Australia. They actually or mostly hunt or kill other snakes. They look quite similar to vipers. They generally have heads in a triangular shape and bodies are also quite short squat. An untreated Death Adder bite is certainly most dangerous thing in the world. This bite can cause paralysis and can lead to death within 6 hours. Antivenin is quite successful medicine in treating a bite of this death adder. This snake has a bite fatality of 50%. It can strike its position and go back in between 0.13 seconds.

Death Adder

3. Vipers :- They are normally found throughout the world. But the most dangerous specie is Saw Scaled Viper and the Chain Viper which are normally found in Middle East and Central Asia. They are high tempered and get active after rains. They are quite fast. Bleeding is the most common symptom after its bite and after that instant swelling at that location.  Blood pressure and heart rate generally drops or falls off. In 1/3 cases, vomiting and facial swelling also occurs. Respiratory system failure may occur after 48 to 72 hrs.


4. Philippine Cobra :- Drop for drop is the most deadly species of Cobra. The Cobra can split its venom up to 3 meters. Its bite can cause neurotoxicity, respiratory failure and paralysis that may cause death within 30 minutes. Its bite can also cause tissue damage. The symptoms may include headache, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness and many more.

Philippine Cobra

5. Tiger Snake :- It is generally found in Australia. It has quite potent venom. With its bite, the individual can lead to death within 30 min. Medicine named antivenin, the fatality rate increased to 60 to 70%. Symptoms after the bite are foot and neck pain, numbness, sweating and tingling. It may leads to breathing difficulties and paralysis.

Tiger Snake

6. Black Mamba :- The feared Black Mamba is found in many parts of African continent. They are highly aggressive and has deadly precision. They are one of the fastest snake in the world. A single bit can kill anywhere from 10 to 25 adults. The initial symptoms are local pain at the bite area, a tingling sensation in the mouth, double vision, severe confusion, fever and lack of muscle control, vomiting, paralysis. Depend on the nature of bite, death can occur between 15 minutes till 3 hours.

Black Mamba

7. Taipan :- It was basically found in Australia. It is strong enough to kill at least 12,000 guinea pigs. Its venom can clot blood, arteries and veins. It is also highly neurotoxic. Before the advent of antivenin, there are not any more survivors. Its behavior is same as like Black Mamba’s  behavior.


8. Blue Krait :- The Malayan is the most deadly of this species. It is easily found in South East Asia and Indonesia. 50% of its bite can cause death even with the administration of antivenin. They are quite timid and often hide themselves instead of fighting. Its bite cause symptoms like muscle paralysis and nerve endings.

Blue Krait

9. Eastern Brown Snake :- It is the most venomous snake across the globe and is majorly found in Australia. It is fast moving and can be aggressive also in several situations. Fortunately for humans, a very less number of its bite contain venom and they prefer not to bite mostly. They only react at the movement so it ever they come in front of you, stand stiff.

Eastern Brown Snake

10. Fierce snake :- This snake has the most toxic venom other than any snake across the globe. Its enough to kill 10o humans at a time. It is 10 times as venomous as Rattlesnakes and 50 times more then Cobra. It  is rarely encountered by humans but it do have the capability to kill an individual within 45 minutes.

Fierce snake

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