10 Of The Best Movies To Watch With The Family

If you are seeking to enjoy this weekend with your family, then here are the ten movies which you can enjoy along with your whole family.
1- Toy Story:- This highly amusing and interesting movie tells the story of  what Andy Toys are to since the time they realize that their owner is college-bound. If you have not watch this movie yet, then it is highly advisable to watch it along with your family. You all will certainly enjoy this a lot as there are numerous sniffy moments that will come with a surprise.
best movies to watch with the family
2- Finding Nemo:- Kids will love the characters name Nemo and his buddy Dory. Parents will love this movie as it shows that how a father rescue his son. This movie will certainly make you cuddle your little angles.
Finding Nemo
3- Charlie and the Chocolate Factory:- Seeing this really amazing movie,; you will truly feel like that what if you would also be there. This is really a classic movie which shows how much fun they make after moving around the chocolate factory.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
4- Mr Magorium’s wonder Emporium:- This movie sets up in a toy store. The movie revolves around the fact that why Mr Magorium decides to leave the shop.
Mr Magorium's wonder Emporium
5- E.T.:- This movie will loved by both kids and adults as this shows that how alien makes his way towards our hearts by making lots of funny and loving activities. Still he had to build up across the sky.
6- Home Alone:- This is really a funny and an amazing movie. In this, Macaulay Culkin take strangers to his classic. Its actually a Christmas movie and so much funny humour that will make you and your kids feel amazed and enthralled.
Home Alone
7- Horton Hears a who!:- It is not really a smash but this animated movie is really sweet and carries a message worth sharing which is a person is a person no matter he is rich or poor.
Horton Hears a who
8- Big:- Every kid after seeing the toy piano, really jump off from their beds. In this, Josh wishes to grow up and an overnight he grows up but have that kid’s sensibility he do lots of funny activities which will make your kids feel amazed and laughed too  much.
9-The Wizard of Oz:- A fantasy and an adventurous movie. This movie is good for kids but make sure that your kids may handle flying monkeys.
The Wizard of Oz
10- Up:- Its a lovely story of Carl fulfilling his wife’s dream of seeing South America by flying his house. He was not counting on a cute eight years stowaway.
These are really the best recommendations to spend your weekend happily.

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