10 Must Things For A Book Lover

Reading books is a beneficial hobby for everyone irrespective of age, gender or lifestyle. Books come in so many varieties that almost anyone can find something of interest; or vice versa, there are so many types of books that people with varying tastes can enjoy them equally. Books are your constant companion, travelling with you to different universes right from the comfort of your snuggly bed; you just need an active imagination.

Obviously some books are universally hated, like Twilight while others are universally loved, well like Twilight again. Don’t worry, your love or hate of Twilight, doesn’t define your love for books. If you really love books and beam like an idiot when someone calls you a bookworm, or if you love the smell of fresh pages and the feel of a new binding, than obviously you’ll love any accessories that will assist in your love for books.

So here’s a list of stuff for all the book lovers that you are going to swoon over for sure. Ride along and enjoy the great luxuries crafted only for book lovers.

1. Clip On light:

1 (1)

Do your eyes get strained due to lack of proper lighting? Or do you just want to look cool? Whatever are your reasons, this clip on light is sure to be handy for everyone.

2. Prism Glasses:

2 (1)

Reading at a stretch kills a lot many parts of your body, say your shoulders, neck, back, head & so on. These glasses allow you to lie down relaxed and read your book comfortably without straining yourself even the tiniest bit.

3. Transparent Paper Weight:

3 (1)

Actually, this is more like a transparent book weight. If you want to read that hard-to-read-always-closing book hands free, then just place this book weight over it and enjoy; ah the little  luxuries of life.

4. Book Dispenser:


Craving for a book? Suffering from hunger pangs having gone too long without reading? Worry not, the world understands your pain and presents you with a lovely cold-drink-style dispensing machine only which dispenses books at the go.

5. Finger Bookmark:


Do you feel your hands could prove more useful to you rather than holding the pages of a book open? Than this nifty gadget is for you which allows you to hold two pages down with the use of only one finger. Take that, eager-to-shut-book!

6. Designer Shelves:


There are designer everything, from clothes to cars, than why not shelves? Show off your class with these eye-catching, handy-dandy shelves.

7. Book Lamp:


These are low powered book shaped lamps that help you spot your book on the shelf easily. If you love keeping your room dimmed while reading, than these could help save your time choosing the right book.

8. Stylish Bookmarks:

9 10

Do you always get lost trying to find where you last finished reading? Than use these bookmarks with cute legs & point fingers to kick-start your memory.

9. Kindle Paperwhite Hardcover Case:


For those classic lovers of book who tingle for a feel of the real deal, than use this case for your e-reader and steal the fee of the real deal; up to some extent at least.

10. Couch Potato:

10 Must Things For A Book Lover

Actually these are soft and comfortable pillows and cushions for those times when you happen to read a heavy volume and can’t really lie down. Just relax back and enjoy your favourite title without exerting yourself.

That makes ten insanely great gifts for anyone even remotely interested in reading books. Plus it makes your life so much easier. Enjoy these amazing helpers and expect more to come soon too.

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