10 Most Polluted Cities In The World

The era of urbanization coupled with the accession of industrialization has left the nature reserves imbalanced. Deforestation has added to the miseries further and it has resulted in the pollution of environment. However, the major factor contributing to the pollution of environment is the booming population around the world. In simple words, the grades of pollution are directly proportional to the strength of population in the respective countries.

The polluted air makes it extremely difficult for the people to breathe and it results in many unwanted diseases. Some of the elements in the air that assist in pollution are:

  • Sulfur dioxide

  •  Nitrogen dioxide
  • Particulates

The trend of air pollution is witnessed mostly in the cities that possess densely populated areas. However, it’s interesting to know which cities are the most polluted in the world, here is the list of those cities:

1) Beijing, China 

Known for its fast paced environment, Beijing secures the spot for being the most polluted city in the world. The air flowing in the suburbs of the city is extremely difficult to breathe. Walking in the streets of Beijing, people are often discovered walking with masks on. This is to counter the polluted air floating in the environment. The sulfur dioxide concentration has reached an alarming level in the city which has forced the authorities to take the required measures. The situation does not look like improving any soon, considering the increased number of migrants as well as the local people.

Beijing, China

2) New Delhi, India

Marked by shanty streets and an over-howling traffic, this city boasts more than 13.8 million residents. According to a review done by Harvard University students, it has been found out that one in every five of the residents in Delhi suffer from the breathing problems. The problem has been intensified in the last few years where a rapid rise in the population of the Indian capital has been noticed. With its densely populated areas, Delhi holds the second place in our list.

New Delhi, India

3) Santiago, Chile

Although, Santiago has never been covered regularly by the magazines or the world news, but one factor why this city is quite popular with the environmentalists is the pollution prevailing in this city. According to the World Health Organization, the airborne particulate matter present in the air of Santiago exceeds 200 micrograms, which is a giant alarm for the environmentalists of the country. Let’s move on to the next polluted city.

 Santiago, Chile

4) Mexico City, Mexico

Apart from Tacos, this city is also popular for its rising grades of polluted air. It consists a combination sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide. According to the experts, a cloud of smog is generally noticed in the skies off this city on a regular basis.

Mexico City, Mexico

5) Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar made news recently for claiming the highest concentration of particulate matter level. It has been calculated to be 14 times more than WHO’s standards. The people of this city are prone to respiratory diseases because of the poor air quality. It is undoubtedly the third most polluted city around the globe.

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

6) Cairo, Egypt

Cairo has been reported to be one of the most polluted cities in the world. The major factor contributing to this situation is the high number of smokers in the city as well as the usage of un-leaded gasoline. Cairo is also said to be residing under the black cloud, a smoke that is caused die to excessive burning of farm produce.

Cairo, Egypt

7) Chongqing, China

Another city of the fastest growing economy of the world has been suffering from the excessive polluted air.  Chongqing is prone to air pollution due to the regular coal burning in industries. The presence of diseases like Asthma and others is evident in this city.

Chongqing, China

8) Guangzhou, China

One of the most beautiful cities of China, Guangzhou has 12 million residents and this contributes majorly to the pollution and poor standards of air. The high levels of sulfur dioxide bring this city in the eyes of the environmentalists.

Guangzhou, China

9) Hong Kong

The fastest growing economy of the world, Hong Kong has registered high levels of nitrogen dioxide, ozone and sulfur dioxide which make it highly difficult for the people to breathe in the suburbs of the city. The rapid acceleration of industrialization in the country seems to have contributed largely to the pollution levels of the city.

Hong Kong

10) Kabul, Afghanistan

One of the most dangerous cities in the world, Kabul is known for its highly polluted air. Although, the population of the city is not so high, but the use of burning stoves and gas generators contribute to the toxicity of air. In the recent interview, the president of Afghanistan showed the sign of concern over this matter and resolved to act soon.

Kabul, Afghanistan

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