10 Most Expensive Wedding Dresses Of All Time

Weddings are one of the most pristine and revered celebrations. It is then no surprise that people spend a lifetime’s earning on weddings. People either save all their lives, undergo cost cuttings etc. or borrow money for this auspicious occasion. The rich, the poor and those in-between, all go through the tedious task of arranging a wedding. However, if you are a millionaire or even richer, the bar of expectations is raised and you are expected to have an extremely lavish and pleasing wedding. A rather difficult task, isn’t it?

10 Most Expensive Wedding Dresses Of All Time

Now, when it comes to a wedding, the eyes are largely on the bride’s and bridegroom’s dress. It is then necessary that they wear luxurious and classic clothes. It is no hidden fact that a lot of girls plan their wedding day forever and get excited when it arrives. Of course, the largest point of focus is the wedding gown. Here are the 10 most expensive dresses ever!

10. 9,999 carats of gems wedding gown

9,999 carats of gems wedding gown


9. Imperial Pearl Syndicate Wedding Dress

Imperial Pearl Syndicate Wedding Dress


8. Platinum Wedding Dress

Platinum Wedding Dress By Mauro Adami


7. Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress – $ 400,000

Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress - $ 400,000


6. Catherine Zeta Jones Wedding Dress – $1 Million

Catherine Zeta Jones Wedding Dress - $1million


5.  Peacock Feather Wedding Dress – $1.5 million

Peacock Feather Wedding Dress - $1.5 million


4. Melania Knauss Wedding Dress – $200,000

Melania Knauss Wedding Dress - $200,000


3. Diamond Wedding Gown – $ 12 million

Diamond Wedding Gown - $ 12 million


2. Grace Kelly Helen Rose Gown – £250,000

Grace Kelly Helen Rose Gown - £250,000


1. Princess Diana’s Wedding Dress – $115,000

Princess Diana’s Wedding Dress - $115,000

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