10 Most Dangerous & Safest Countries For Driving

Some countries are infamous for the lack of rules when it comes to driving. In a few of those countries, driving on the road feels like riding in a video game, but obviously a game offers you 3 lives, but here we have just one! Lots of people die because of the traffic uncontrollability in those countries. Planet Earth is an organization that is dedicated to tracking of the number of people who die in road accidents. The principal employees of the organization Michael Sivak and Brandon Schoettle have given us the data inflicting the number of deaths in road accident and the percentage of people that suffer from the tragedy.

This type of study is known as “Mortality from Road Crashes in 193 countries: A comparison with other leading causes of death”. For compiling the report, Sivak and Schoettle collected the data provided by the WHO in 2008. Both of them were dedicated to monitor the traffic related deaths, but they were also collecting the data about deaths that are caused due to heart disease, malignant neoplasms and cerebrovascular disease. After retrieving all the data, these people mapped it together in order to calculate the highest and lowest fatality rates related to each illness. The fatalities related with auto accidents were also calculated and the overlapping between the two cases was established.

10 Most Dangerous & Safest Countries For Driving

The good news that emerges out of the study is that strokes, heart disease and cancer cause more threat to the human beings as compared to the car accidents. However, in some of the countries the stats are completely opposite. For instance, in Namibia 53 percent people are more prone to die in automobile accidents than with cancer. In Qatar too, the results that have been received are alarming. It is 5 times bigger possibility dying through car accident in Qatar than through stroke.

Here we present you the most dangerous countries that are prone to car accidents along with the number of cases per 100,000 residents. Only one overlapping country exists in the list in the name of Malawi.

Here is the list of the most dangerous countries in terms of automobile accidents:

1. Namibia (45)

2. Thailand (44) 

3. Iran (38) 

4. Sudan (36)

5. Swaziland (36)

6. Venezuela (35) 

7. Congo (34)

8. Malawi (32)

9. Dominican Republic (32)

10. Iraq (32)

and the lowest fatality rates from auto accidents. Again, there’s little overlap, other than Maldives:

184. Switzerland (5)

185. Netherlands (4)

186. Antigua and Barbuda (4)

187. Tonga (4)

188. Israel (4)

189. Marshall Islands (4)

190. Fiji (4)

191. Malta (3)

192. Tajikistan (3)

193. Maldives (2)

10 Most Dangerous & Safest Countries For Driving

Taking case of The US, 817 deaths have been registered among the 100,000 residents existing in the country. The deaths are caused by all the four reasons which are only a little better than the average global fatality rate of 844. When it comes to automobile fatalities, US have registered only 14 deaths per 100,000 people.

The major conclusion craved out of the report is that almost 2.1 percent from all fatalities around the world constitute the auto car crashes. The country possessing the highest percentage of auto fatalities is UAE that accounts for 15.9 percent. The lowest percentage was registered in favor of the Marshall Islands that account for 0.3 percent.

The report spares some of the countries that could have made it into the “ten safest” list, but they were not included. These countries are Greenland and Vatican City. It also does not include some of the areas that could have come straight at the bottom of the list including Sudan and Palestine.

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