10 Most Dangerous Animals In The World

I’m all for protecting endangered species, harmonizing with nature and loving wildlife. Animals have rights which we should respect. There are so many animals which are so cute and so adorable, that we just want to cuddle them or make them our pets and comrades. But let’s face the fact; animals are considered dangerous, be it because either they consider us as enemies or feel endangered. Since they are at times risky, they should be handled with caution. Most of the animals (however small) are so lethal that they can probably inflict instant K.O to any human being. Some animals are more ferocious than the others. Here’s a list containing the ten most dangerous animals in the world.


1. Blue Ringed Octopus:

It’s an aquatic animal, the size of a golf ball, yet packs enough venom to kill 26 full grown adults. The venom, which causes paralysis and hence inability to breathe, has no antidote. Unless the victim  gets instant CPR, there’s no chance that he will survive a sting by this octopus.

Blue Ringed Octopus

2. African Elephant:

Perhaps the largest land animal, elephants can be quite aggressive when in a bad mood. Their stature itself lends them enough power to trample to death an entire family; if that doesn’t cut it, than they can always try impaling them on their tusks. They are even mildly fast to boot.

African Elephant

3. The African Lion:

When it comes to speed and strength, then the king of the jungle is unmatched. Lions prey in herd and are the most intelligent species of cats. They can charge at 50 mph for over 100 meters and jump twelve feet straight up. They can hunt preys larger than themselves.

The African Lion

4. Komodo Dragon:

Not many people know of the Komodo dragon and its first sight is enough to shake many people to their very cores. It looks like a cross between crocodile and lizard. They eat anything and even dig up bodies from shallow graves. The only reason the human kill count is low is because of limited encounter and the fact that they only need to eat once every month.

Komodo Dragon

5. Brazilian Wandering Spider:

Spiders are usually creepy as it is, but combine them with venom and you got yourself something scarier. It is the most venomous spider in the world and perhaps the most dangerous too, thanks to its tendency to wander around, ending up hiding in houses, cars, closets of densely populated areas. Quite the scary critter.

Brazilian Wandering Spider

6. Hippopotamus:

These animals might be slow, but they compensate for that with a huge mouth; a mouth that can open 4 feet and clamp shut with a force equivalent to a crushing blow of a sledgehammer.


7. Mosquito:

It is perhaps the smallest entry on the list but single handedly responsible for over a million deaths per year, thanks to its blood sucking habit which spreads diseases like dengue, malaria and yellow fever.


8. Snake:

More than 250 snakes in the world contain enough venom to kill a man despite their small sizes. These reptiles are hard to spot and even harder to defend against when encountered, making them one of the most lethal animals in the world. Carpet Vipers causes the most number of deaths every year.


9. Crocodile:

It is the largest reptile in the world and usually found in salt water. It has a strong set of jaw which is capable of applying a pressure of 210.9 kilogram per square centimeter which can easily kill a grown up in an instant.


10. Grizzly Bear:

Grizzlies stand almost 8 feet tall and weigh around 150-400 kg.  Despite having a huge size, they can still run at more than 56 kilometers per hour. Withstanding an attack by a grizzly & surviving is extremely rare, especially if it decides you are his next meal and starts swiping its huge paws at you.

Grizzly Bear

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