10 Mind Boggling Reality Check

This article is a serious attempt to humor the readers and eventually make them end up saying ‘you can’t be serious about that?!’ Nowadays new facts find its way on the internet and end up going viral, which in turn makes the reader go ‘God, same thing?? NOT AGAIN!’. So here we have tried a different scoop of facts, not so popular, not so familiar. These not-so-popular fun and astonishing realities would definitely gain more momentum if you are into stuff that’s not so common.

The world around you is not as simple as it seems. Here’s a peek into the lives of others, not necessarily humans, might be aliens around us as well. Ok, ok this was a lie. So here have a reality check done free of cost. Are you really that well aware about the things happening around you? If yes, then these following lines might burst your little egoistic bubbles.

1. You think you are philanthropist enough? Well think again. Because Chuck Feeney had denoted almost 99% of his personal asset to help under-privileged children fight illiteracy. Ruling over 6.3 billion dollars’ worth of wealth, after donation, he just continues living with 2 million dollars.

Chuck Feeney

2. Anything in excess is harmful. This phrase can be very well supported by the incident that happened in the 1970’s where a man lost his life. Thanks to excessive laughter after watching the TV show ‘The Goodies’. In fact, his widow ended up sending a letter to the show’s owner thanking them for making her husband’s last moments so full of joy and pleasant.

The Goodies

3. Talk about tough luck? Jackie Chan has disowned his own son in the following said way – Jackie Chan’s son will not be inheriting his dad’s property worth over 150 million dollars. The reason towards this decision in Chan’s own words is ‘If he is capable, he can make his own money. If he is not, then he will be just wasting my money’.

Jackie Chan’s son

4. Want to own a Lamborghini? You could simply own it by joining the Dubai police force. Shocked? Well as per reports, the Dubai police fleet includes a Lamborghini, Ferrari and Bentley. These are provided to help them catch up with the over speeding rule breakers.

dubai lamborghini police car

5. How would you feel if you end up in a prison even if you did no wrong? Well, a place Latvia boasts of such a ‘prison hotel’ wherein the guests are treated as convicts and the hotel rooms are furnished in a way to give a prison’s inside look. Talk about creepy innovations.

prison hotel Latvia boasts

6. We all must have gone through the ‘game mania’ phase in our lives. But no one was stupid enough to take games as seriously as this man. Supposedly, a 46 year old man tracked down a 13 year old boy and attacked him after the boy repeatedly killed his character in the famous game ‘Call of Duty’.

Call of Duty

7. Ever experienced the ‘tickled to death’ feeling thanks to your friends or siblings? Well, back in ancient China, tickling was a very common tool of torture on nobility as it left no marks on the body and recovery was quick.

Tickle torture

8. There’s a certain level of expertise required even while faking around. Undoubtedly, China holds the top position in this expertise field because there the fake Apple stores resemble the real ones so strongly that the workers themselves don’t know whether they are working for the fake or authentic Apple stores!

fake apple stores in china

9. ‘Tear Drop’ monument was donated by the Russians to the USA in memory of the September 11 attacks on twin tower.

tear drop monument

10. Love has no limits. A newly-wed couple ended up getting their special wedding rings engraved with a wave of their voices saying “I do”.

Hopefully, these random collection of facts did not make you go ‘Ugh..STOP’. We hereby end this article with the weirdest fact topping the above list – In the movie ‘Despicable Me’, the gibberish the minions speak is in fact an actual language called minion-ese created by its director. An entire new language created just for the minions.

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