10 Long Distance Relationship Gifts Ideas for Your Girlfriend / Boyfriend

Long distance relationships are quite hard to maintain because of their volatile nature. The distance in a relationship can prove to be lethal for love between the two partners. It has to be maintained with the right set of tactics and extreme dedication towards each other. A long distance relationship is more difficult to sustain than a regular relationship. Since the partners are far from each other, the sense of jealousy develops in their minds. Its not solely their fault, after all the human nature is prone to such tendency.

However, long distance relationship also induces a lot of excitement and anxiety among the partners. In a regular relationship, this element is missed out. With the extreme anxiety and excitement, the need for belonging to each other increases incessantly. The partners can maintain a calendar to count days before meeting each other; this may enhance the love between them. Excitement is directly proportional to the less frequent meetings. When partners do not meet each other for long time, they possess more excitement towards seeing each other and there is more anxiety to meet.

Long Distance Relationship Gifts Ideas

Giving each other presents forms a strong base for the life of a relationship.  The exchange of emotions in the form of gifts is the best way to show likeliness towards the partner. In fact, the selection of appropriate presents is a determinant for longevity of a long distance relationship. Here are the top 10 long distance relationship gift ideas for boyfriend/girlfriend:

1. Sending a bouquet:

When the partners are living away from each other, the best way to express their feelings is through the freshness of flowers. For women, flowers work quite well as their feminine nature accepts flowers as affectionate gifts. A boyfriend should send a bouquet to his girlfriend who is separated from him by some distance. Flowers are ice-breakers in many situations and they work here as well. Flowers bring freshness into a relationship and gifting a bouquet would take the girl to initial phase of their relationship, which might prove to be healthy for the long distance relationship. There are many online companies that are dedicated to the delivery of flowers to people all around the world. Since the partner can send a love note along with the flowers, it is certainly the best gift for a long distance relationship partner.

2. Buy food coupon for the partner:

There are several websites like Groupon.com and others that provide heavy discounts on the restaurant chains all around the world. The best gift for a partner would be buying a food coupon for him/her. It is good to book the food coupon in a restaurant which serves the cuisine that the other partner likes. Food is the best way to win a partner’s heart; therefore this is one of the best gift ideas for a long distance relationship partner.

3. Buy tickets for the sport matches that the partner fancies:

Boys usually fancy cricket or soccer matches according to their taste. Thus, for the female partner, it is the best option to book the tickets to such sport match. This can work well for the other partner as he would appreciate such a present.

4. Purchase spa and massage passes:

Spa is the best way to relax and feel comfortable. Thus, the best way to make a partner happy is to buy him/her spa coupons. When a partner thinks about the other in a happy and relaxed phase, the love between them increases inevitably. Thus, buying spa coupons is the best way to impress the partner in a long distance relationship.

5. Gift the partner a CD full of  his/her favorite songs:

This is a creative idea that works very well on the nerves of a partner. They should prepare a CD full of songs that the other partner likes and send it to him/her. This leaves an everlasting impact on the partner. It requires some efforts on the partner’s end as he/she has to collect the music of their partner’s choice. This is the major reason why this gift s appreciated mostly by the other partner.

6. Make a CD full of love memories:

In a long distance relationship, it is very important to revive the feelings by reminding the other partner about the beautiful times spent together. Hence, they should gift a CD full of love memories. This makes the other partner believe the depth of his/her love.

7. Gift the passes of a music concert:

For this, the partner has to know the other person’s music taste and gift the pass of a concert taking place in the partner’s city. This is usually appreciated and works well in a long distance relationship.

8. Make use of Amazon:

Amazon is the best way to send gifts to partner irrespective of the place he/she lives in. There are many presents available on Amazon from which one can be selected for the partner.

9. Gift clothes:

In case the partner knows the other person’s choice in terms of clothes, then it’s good to send such presents to them. Clothing websites like Zara, Mango and others provide delivery to any country that the person wants.

10. Send the partner a gift basket:

There are many online stores that specialize in delivering gift baskets according to user’s need. These are the best gifts for people in a long distance relationship.

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