10 Largest Religions In The World

There are over 21 religions that are practiced all around the world. Some of these religions have been found just recently, whereas the others have been in existence for over a thousand years. Every religion has its own way of worshiping. Some believe in idol worship, whereas the others believe in meditation, etc. The most common religions in the world are definitely Islam and Christianity. The reason for such enormity of these religions is because of the number of people endorsing them. The great number of people following these religions makes them one of the top 10 largest religions in the world. Here they go:

1. Christianity:

Christianity is one of the most practiced religions in the world. It holds 31.5 percent of the world’s population. The followers of Christianity praise Lord Jesus Christ. He was born in Bethlehem around 7 AD. He suffered atrocities from the Roman Empire under the mis-conduct. Since his martyrdom, he has become a messenger of peace and harmony all around the world and people worship him in the name of Christianity. Almost all the European nations, including America, Australia and other important countries practice this religion. There is a majority of Christians in the elite world politics.

2. Islam:

Islam is the most spread religion around the world. It is based on the practices of Prophet Mohammed. The people from this religion often use the phrase “Allah”, as it describes their God. The teachings of Islam can be found out in the holy book of Quran. Around 1.5 billion people follow this religion all around the world. The countries in Africa and Middle East, all follow Islam as its primary religion. The following and deep faith in the religion makes it one of the largest religions in the world.

3. Hinduism:

Followed by around 800 million people, Hinduism is one of the most followed religion in the entire world. There are several Gods that are worshipped in this religion and it is still unclear of who the founder of this religion was. Every God describes different action and people take refuge to the particular God according to the nature of their problem.  Hinduism is a very old religion and has followers from all over the world including India, Nepal and other important countries.

4. Buddhism:

With over 376 million followers, Buddhism is the fourth most followed religion in the world currently. It has followers majorly from China and surrounding regions. However, it is spreading the boundaries further and because of a very unique ideology, more people are taking a refuge of this religion. The focus of this religion is to promote humanity and peace among the people.

5. Sikhism:

This religion has over 23 million followers. The roots of the religion emerged in the 15th century under the guidance of Guru Nanak. This religion draws some good things from both Hindu and Islam religion as it states that good things should be incorporated form every religion and wrong things should be left out. Sikhs are spread throughout the world with majority of them residing in India and the rest in Canada. The population of Sikhs in Canada has prompted the Canadian government to bring out some good reforms for the people of this religion.

6. Juche:

Juche is a religion that is followed in North Korea. It is also known by the name, “Kimilsungism”. This religion is purely based on leadership, communal production and economic independence. Such ideologies had previously been introduced by Karl Marx under Marxism.

7. Judaism:

With over 14 million followers, Judaism is followed by an ample of people around the planet. Some similarities with Islam and Christianity can be picked out from this religion. They follow the teachings of God Yahweh. Jews are often known to be possessed with ethical behavior and respect to the other people. The Jewish people are present all over the world with the majority of the population in Israel and rest in America and other countries.

8. Bahaism:

Bahaism is a very new religion that has emerged out in the world scenario. It came in existence just in 1863. It originated from Persia. There are around 7 million followers of this religion around the world. The teachings of this religion derive similarities form Islam and Christianity. The people under this religion praise Baba Ullah, who is considered to be the founder of this religion. The great teachings of Bahaism have made this religion popular among the masses.

9. Jainism:

With over 4.3 million followers, Jainism has emerged to be one of the most influential religions in this century. It is very unique in its approach and focuses on ethical behavior with some great food habits. Jainism is based on the idea of rebirth and the effect of Karma on the life of a person. The consumption of animals is prohibited under this religion.

10. Shintoism:

This religion surfaced in Japan around 1000 BC. It has over 4 million followers, of which most of them are from Japan. There is no single founder of this religion to be credited. Its teachings have been inspired from the teachings made under the religions like Buddhism and Confucianism. Shintoism is quite similar to Buddhism, so many of its followers are also seen following Buddhism. This religion lays its focus on rituals. People in Japan and other countries follow Shintoism with a full stride.

10 Largest Religions In The World

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