Women are always regarded as cute, pretty, [email protected], soft etc but have you ever thought of what the other side of the coin might reveal? Women are extremely different from men, psychologically and physically, they can be quite crazy, researches have revealed that women tend to hide their age, weight, price of their dress and much more. So let us explore some weird yet funny facts about women.

Women Eat A Lot :

This might come as a surprise to some of you, but women tend to act like they’re full when they’re with men but when they’re alone they can eat more or as much as anyone else.

Women Eat A Lot

Women Have Nothing to Wear:

Yeah, you might be thinking about their huge number of clothes but surprisingly they are meant to be worn only once or sometimes not even that.

Women Have Nothing to Wear

Women Can’t Live Without Their Handbag:

If you’ve paid enough attention to women, you’d have realized that 95% of the time, they have their precious handbag with them. They tend to feel awkward if they don’t have anything to carry with them. If you’re wondering what the bag might contain, you need to realize that men don’t get to know that.

Women Live Longer Than Men:

In almost every country, women live longer than men.

Women Love Chocolate More Than [email protected]:

Yes, it’s true. Around 70% of the women would rather have chocolates than [email protected] Weird eh?

Origin of The Word “Woman”:

The word “woman” was derived from the Middle English term wyfman, or the wife of man. In old English, man was used to describe a person regardless of gender.

Not All Women Bathe Regularly:

You might be surprised again but it’s the truth not all women bathe everyday no matter how much they talk about maintaining proper hygiene. Women tend to rely on costly perfumes to smell good.

Women Don’t Always Prefer Honest Answers:

No, they don’t always like honest answers, if you honestly tell a woman she looks bad when she asks you for an opinion about her face, you are doomed.

Women Cry Only If They Feel Secure:

It might come as a surprise to you but it’s the truth, women need to cry, but they will cry only if they feel you care for them.

Women Cry Only If They Feel Secure

Women like Looking at Men:

They love looking at men just as much as men love looking at them.

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