10 Innovative Uses of Petroleum Jelly

Ever suffered a case of extremely dry & chapped lips & got told by your mother to apply Vaseline to it, along with a stern warning of not to lick it? Almost everyone knows about this miraculous product, the Petroleum Jelly, or at least its trademark, Vaseline. Petroleum jelly is a fat. It’s a purified mixture of petroleum driven semi-solid hydrocarbons – yes, the petroleum sure finds a lot of uses aside from gasoline and diesel fuels.

Let’s see how this versatile ointment can help us in our daily lives, aside from being a great lip balm.


Suffering from rough & cracked skin on the soles of your feet? Or perhaps you have callous hands? Try this – just rub a bit of Vaseline on your hands or feet, pull on gloves (or socks) & have a good night’s sleep. When you wake up, you will have the softest, smoothest & gentlest skin ever.

The oils in this jelly help seal in moisture and the thick ointment stays on the surface of the skin longer than any water-based lotions. And night time use guarantees grease free hands all day long.

Makeup Remover:

Its working is still a mystery, but Vaseline is totally effective in removing makeup, especially eye makeup. A slight dab on closed eye, a gentle wipe with a cotton pad, and even the most irritating mascara comes right off without any damage.


One petroleum jelly does it all! Take a little amount and start scrubbing, er I mean polishing your shoes, furniture, leather, purses & this & that.


Yea, that’s right, it works as an un-screwer! If you are ever screwed by a cap or lid or any other threaded cover, just apply a thick coating on the threads of the lid for easy removal next time around. Try it with glue tubes or nail polish caps. Unfortunately, caps & lids are all that Vaseline unscrews.

Dish Washer:

Ok, not really a dishwasher, but white water rings remover. Remember when you use a pot for boiling water repeatedly & it gets those white residual rings? Coat the offender with the jelly and let stand overnight. Scrub & voila, a cleaner vessel.

USA Approved:

Really, it’s true. According to U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), “Protect yourself from irritating chemicals by applying a layer of petroleum jelly to your scalp before using hair relaxers and dyes.” That says a lot, right?

No Side Effects:

Pure petroleum-based ointments are hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, nonirritating, and non-sensitizing; plus they contain almost no additives like colors or fragrances. This makes it suitable as moisturizers for babies & adults alike.

No Harmful Effects:

Even if you use petroleum jelly regularly on our bodies, there’s no harmful effect from it. Rather it helps heal dry skin by sealing in the moisture & even protects skin from further damage by acting like a barrier.

Toothpaste for Lips:

Well, it almost works as toothpaste for lips. Before you start brushing, apply a slight quantity of the ointment to your lips. After you are done battling with your teeth, start reconciling by gently brushing your lips with the wet toothbrush. This helps remove the chapped, dry skin on your lips to reveal shiny, moisturized lips for that perfect pout you always wanted to have.

Perfume Sticker:

Sounds funny, but try applying a bit of petroleum jelly on your skin where you’re going to apply perfume next time, and spray on this area. It will help the scent to stick to you for a longer time.


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