10 Funny Twitter Parody Accounts To Make You LOL

People like making parody on movies, while some of them like parodying TV shows. The new trend suggests that there is a class of people who like to parody twitter accounts. This is a trend that is becoming extremely popular these days. This is a new way of entertaining people and entertaining themselves. Some people have taken the weirdness levels to such an extent that they are making a twitter account in the name of urine. The tweets related to such accounts are always exceedingly funny and entertaining. Here are some of the best parody accounts that are available on twitter:

1. Jesus Christ:

This is the most intriguing twitter account that has been created recently. For the followers of every religion, they can find an ample of humor in Jesus Christ. Yes, a twitter account in the name of Jesus Christ has been created. However, this account does not boast millions of followers but it certainly has created quite a stir around the masses.

Jesus Christ

This account is gaining popularity every day and there will be no wonder if it surpasses the following of the accounts of Justin Timberlake and Rihanna.


2. Common Goldfish:

Creating the twitter account of an animal is gaining popularity these days. Its very entertaining and engaging for the people to follow an animal’s twitter account and its tweets. There is an account of a goldfish. It makes the matter even more interesting.

Common Goldfish

The intriguing factor about this account is that the fish is supposed to be using an underwater resistant device to tweet from its account. I hope the little fish does not get electrocuted because of it.


3. Coffee dad:

Coffee Dad is actually symbolizing a Dad that has lost his son in a rash driving accident. It appears from the outside that it’s just a regular dad who likes to sip coffee and he has out a wrong hashtag with it. However, when we dig deep into the account, we experience the tragic happening that surrounds this dad.

coffee dad

People are supposed to dip sorrow in it, but  as we are all cold hearted, we always find a reason to laugh over the things.


4. Urine:

This is the most interesting of all. What intrigues is the fact that urine can write and maintain its own twitter account with expertise. Instead of typing words, it may have peed instead.


This is one of the most infamous accounts that exists on twitter. It has a lot of followers who keep waiting for the stupid tweets made by Urine.


5. Pizza Dog:

Imagine a dog that is obsessed with the idea of the most popular Italian food, Pizza. Yes, its an account of the dog who is overtly obsessed with Pizzas and that is the major reason why it has taken the name “Pizza Dog”, in order to match his desire for pizzas.

Pizza Dog

Sometimes, I just wonder why this account is getting so popular even though there is nothing logical in it, but then I realize that because its really stupid, this is something that might be appealing to the people.


6. Eileen Blawnox:

This is an account of an old woman. The tweets from this account are quite entertaining but they can prove to be very disturbing for most of the people. On the basis of the tweets, we can figure out that she has developed a strong obsession of throwing food on her genitals and private parts.

Eileen Blawnox

Reading the tweets from this account can easily make anyone feel uncomfortable. However, the popularity of this account is rising every day and its becoming one of the most popular twitter account existing online.


7. Pottyland:

This is certainly the worse that a person can imagine. It’s an account of sh!t. The interesting part about this account is that the tweets from it, often talk about the fact that everyone follows this account holder, even the most famous celebs.


Everyone does it. This is the second most disgusting twitter account after urine one. It has definitely got nothing to do with logics. It is a mix of absurdity, obscenity and craziness to say the least.


8. Average Farm Cow:

This cow is said to be hailing from the farms of MacDonald. She has the ability to right tweets straight from the farms. Although, she lacks fingers she can still manage it with her super powers. What amazes me is the following it has on twitter. With over 10,000 followers, the average farm cow is becoming a rage on twitter with its interesting tweets.

Average Farm Cow

Wow! MacDonald produces some intelligent and intellectual cows. What is the secret Mr. Ronald?


9. Inanimate Rock:

However, this account is not anymore active but it still remains to be one of the favorite amongst the twitter users. It gives great insights into rocks and their formation. It also talks about the varieties of rocks. Its some very intellectual rock, isn’t it?

Inanimate Rock

Even though, its not active anymore, the work done in the past has hailed this account to be one of the most followed ones on twitter.


10. The Mime:

The Mime never speaks but this one really speaks of the most inspirational quotes of the century. It inspires many people  by its teachings.

The Mime

The mime has many followers to its credit and there is no wonder about it, since it’s a great platform for the people to learn about life and other important issues through its tweets.


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