10 Funny Movie Clichés

Movies are always coming up with new plots, twisters and stories. But despite that, there happens to be some common grounds for all of them; like how the hero takes out multiple villains, the guy trying to escape always slips and falls at least once while running and so on. Why don’t we check out some of the amusing movie clichés which are getting so outdated these days?

1. Perfect Car Balance:

The good guys never, ever fall off, period. In every movie, the good guy jumps atop a moving vehicle and maintains his balance, either standing up, or dangling from it. Be it a fast-moving car, airplane or truck, the hero will hang onto the said vehicle in times of peril while probably shooting a gun or throwing a bomb with the other hand. It’s like the guy carried secret super glue with which he stuck his hand there.

2. Alcohol:

Movies depict only men being true alcoholics, while the ladies get to run free from it. Plus, when the hero wants to get into serious action (involving either the heroine or the villain), he can instantly quit alcohol without any side effects or withdrawal symptoms. Pretty amazing, right?

3. Elevators:

Movie elevators have the following in common – there’s always a lift shaft for the guys to climb out from in case of emergency, there’s always a light source in that shaft and the villains running behind the hero who gets into the elevator to escape them never decide to use the elevator recall button; instead they just pound on the door.

4. Phones:

This one is so cliché that at times I’m tempted to make an appeal to the board of movies (or something) to please pretend these don’t exist. For all the movies are capable of are having no signal right when you need it the most, or the person is away and so cannot answer his phone. Oh and normal phones when hung up/disconnected can apparently be restored when tapped against its cradle or when you repeatedly press the ‘flash’ button.

5. Police:

The police usually loves to curse and demean the most honest and loyal detective in the division who also happens to have all the brains of the department. And the detective is usually fired/suspended and this is when he usually cracks the case; which he couldn’t while he had the assets of the dept. to his aid.

6. Sore Losers:

Villains are usually sore losers who when defeated will pleads for mercy from the hero, which of course the hero grants. But the situation soon reverses and the villain tries to kill the hero, mocks him for sparing him and somehow the villain still ends up getting himself killed.

7. Sports:

In movies, sports apparently have separate rules then the ones in real life. For in some movies, animals are allowed on the team; at the same time, in some movies it becomes a critical story point where a girl is not allowed on a team of boys. Go figure.

8. Invincible Car:

If the hero drives a car in a chase, then rest assured it will never stall, have a flat, blow up or suffer from any other mechanical failure, while a single shot or a stone under the tire can flip entire villain’s cars over. So if you want cover, duck into the hero’s car, it can probably survive a nuclear attack.

9. The Girl:

Well, this is obvious that the hero always gets ‘the girl’. No matter how. And another cliché is that if two girls fall for the main guy, then the one who’s not the main star of the movie gets killed inevitably. Vice versa, if two guys fall for the heroine, the ‘assistant’ actor has to kick the bucket.

10. The Secret Hiding Area:

In a movie, whenever a character is aware he’s going to be attacked by a monster/villain/beast/anything, then without ado, he should be ready to defend his back. For no matter how many times the character looks over his shoulder, stakes out all locations or turns round and round, he’s still bound to be attacked from the rear. There, I just made it easier for all future-yet-to-be-attacked characters.

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