10 Funny And Weird Hairstyles You Must Avoid

Hair, an eternal love affair, sometimes long, sometimes short, Often flirty and very very curt, the world is full of hairy tales! Some exciting and some very frail, hair is a whole lot of fun, but you will have none, if you’ve had one of the following 10 haircuts.

1. Lady Gaga’s hat haircut

Lady Gaga's hat haircut
Coz it was sunny and she didn’t have a hat of her own, she used her hair to make one! She looks like a walking talking mad hatter’s party!


2. Tennis Haircut

Tennis Haircut
Apparently, the ball hit his head so hard, it left an imprint on his calp.


3. Face Haircut

Face Haircut
Face me behind my back!


4. Tim Duncan Haircut

Tim Duncan Haircut
Can’t dunk but can ‘dunc’an on my head!


5. Hands Haircut

Hands Haircut
I fell in love with the barber’s hands and got ‘em stuck to my head forever.


6. Bear Haircut

Bear Haircut
I couldn’t ‘bear’ with normal hair any longer!


7. Tomato Haircut

Tomato Haircut
Coz it’s dumb to call yourself a potato.


8. Up Haircut

Up Haircut
I’ll carry the Hobbits one day, ‘ent’il then, the balloons!
For those who don’t know a thing about ‘Lord of the Rings’ –


The walking trees in it are called ‘Ents’ and the 2 little boys sitting on it are the hobbits.

9. Spider Haircut

Spider Haircut

Spiderman in the making…

10. Gecko

Gecko Haircut

The creepiness crawled upon my head and curled its tail.

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