10 Eye Care Tips For Computer Users to Protect Eyes

In today’s fast moving world, Computer is one of the most essential component of our life. Each and every work at our offices or working places is done through computers. Day by day is becoming necessary for our survival. Unfortunately, the biggest harm is received by our eyes, and our working schedule and lifestyle does not allow us to take care of them for even a while. So, we should take various steps or follow some tips to prevent the harm causing to our eyes.

Eye Care Tips

1. Firstly, we should be aware about anything related to our eyes. What is the importance of tears, Eyelashes, cornea, Pupil, Lens, retina and optic nerves. We should know everything about them, then only we can take proper care of our eyes.

2. Give regular exercise to your eyes without paying any laziness, it will give your eyes a refreshing and attractive look. You should divide your working hours into short intervals. It will be very beneficial for your eyes. You can also do some easy exercise for your eyes while working like blinking your eyes again and again for several minutes, close your eyes and rotate your eye balls clockwise and anticlockwise.

3. While working on computer in your office, After regularly looking at the screen, look at some distant objects available in your office or outside. Then get back to your work, it will help you increase your focus on things.

4. Correct standing posture in front of your computer is very important as wrong standing posture may affect your body structure. Always place your wrist and feet in the correct position to provide them comfort.

5. Make sure that the lighting of the room in which you are working is suitable for your eyes as it may affect your retina which leads to weak eyesight or blindness. Never forget to maintain the color, contrast and brightness of your computer screen before working on it. It is also a special tip for people who make use of computer for a long time a day.

6. Don’t forget to attach an anti reflective coating on the lenses of your spectacles which helps  prevent discomfort to your eyes and helps your eyes to balance vision with bright as well as dim light. People who make a lot use of computers should wear specially designed glasses by well experienced optometrist.

7. During heavy load of work, when your eyes feel totally tired, you should do palming. Firstly, settle your body with dividing your whole weight to all the body parts. Then start rubbing your hands against each other till the hands produce a great warmth and place your hands on  both eyes. Then warmth will reduce your tiredness and give you a great relief.

8. While you are taking the break, at that time splash your face with cold water as it will make you feel refreshed and reduces your laziness.

9. Before leaving for office in morning, place some used tea bags in the refrigerator and in the evening after coming back to home, take out the tea bags from the refrigerator and place them on your eyes for some time. It will help you help more refreshing as well as it prevents puffiness in your eyes.

10. Add fresh fruits and vegetables to your meals which contain vitamin A, C and E. You must have those fruits and vegetables in between the time of breakfast to lunch and lunch to dinner. Those healthy items include carrot, cucumber, oranges, leafy vegetables, tomatoes, spinach and dairy products.


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