10 Easy Tips To Get Rid Of Pimples or Acne

Having pimples and acne is really a frustrating experience, Isn’t it? Although they are typically cause in teens early twenties. They actually occurs when excess oil and dirt close the skin pores and moreover results in black and white heads. Employing these few simple skin care measures you can rid off these moderate acne and pimple problems.

pimples or acne treatment

1- Clean your face with a mild, fragrance free skin cleanser twice a day and if possible, then avoid harsh soaps as they contain chemicals and irritate and worsen the acne.

2- Wash your skin with hands instead of using cloth or sponges as this can pester the acne.

3- Avoid washing face on a frequent basis and not even scrub your skin harshly. Remove excess oil and dead skin cells from your pores with the help of mild and gel based scrub as they got gentle beads which do not worsen the acne or pimples and remove excess oil and blackheads.

4- Do not use styling gels and other whitening creams on your pimple prone skin as this may makes pimples even more worst. Wash your face with lukewarm water 4 to 5 times a day but cleaner should be used only twice.

5- Avoid squeezing pimples as it irritates the skin and enhance the chance of additional pimples. Squeezing may occur deeper infection or may leads to acne scars.

6- Consider using tea tree oil as it helps you clear your skin as it do have natural healing properties as well as prevent breakouts as well. It also includes antibacterial chemicals which reduce pimples to a great extent.

7-Avoid skin friction in acne infected parts as this friction may delay the healing of pimples and may develop more pimples and acne. If it is required to wear this cloth, then remove it frequently after the activity is done.

8- Avoid using astringents which may include alcohol. Try and using mild toners as astringents cause excessive drying of skin which results in excessive oil also.

9- Acne and pimples generally occurs on oily skin and that is why it is highly recommended not to use cosmetics and sunscreens which may include oil as this can clog your pores. Use non-comodogenic sunscreens.

10- Avoid touching acne prone parts of face as your hands will transfer more infection as where ever on the face you will touch after touching that area, you will get acne there.

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