10 Early Symptoms Of Cancer In Men

It is often noticed that women’s cancer is given a lot of emphasis and unfortunately, the dear men remain ignored. If one recognises the symptoms of cancer in its early stages, then one will be able to curb its growth and the cancer will never be able to read the stages of danger. It can not only be treated easily but it can also reduce the death rate. As per a survey, cancer deaths in men have been 31% due to lung cancer, 10% due to prostate cancer, 6% due to pancreatic cancer and 4% due to cancer of liver. Thus, it is extremely necessary that one doesn’t ignore its symptoms in the beginning itself.


1. Lung Trouble

Lung Trouble
While it isn’t a big deal to go through lung trouble, it is something to pay attention to if it persists for a long time. if you suffer from stomach problems and are also suffering from diarrhoea, then it is something serious.

2. Bleeding

If you are bleeding frequently and regularly, then it definitely is a symptom of cancer and hence, you should definitely get yourself checked.

3. Urinal Changes

Urinal Changes
If you aren’t urinating normally, then you need to think about it. You definitely need to see a doctor and get yourself checked.

4. Changes in testicles

Changes in the shape of your testicles, is going to cause trouble and hence, it is necessary that you get it checked by the doctor. It is usually prevalent in the ages of 30-40.

5. Backache

Sometimes, you do get a backache because of work but if it is serious and it persists, you need to check this with a doctor.

6. Weight Loss

Weight loss is one of the most prominent symptom of cancer and if you are suffering from continuous weight loss, then this is definitely a serious issue.

7. Continuous Coughing

If you have cold and flu, then it is going to be ok after a while but if it persists and you have continual coughing, you need to get yourself checked. Also, this is going to be even more serious if you are a smoker.

8. Tiredness

Unnecessary tiredness is also one of the reasons you might be suffering from cancer and may be completely unaware of it.

9. Fever

Fever is a common symptom of cancer. You can ignore a regular fever but if it isn’t something normal, then you definitely need to see a doctor.

10. Skin changes

Skin changes
If there are changes in the nature of your skin, then this is a serious issue. It is necessary that you ought to go ahead and see the doctor.

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