Although being cruel to animals is a shameful act, its present in almost all parts of the world. The most common victims of animal abuse seems to be cats and dogs. Today, there are a whole lot of laws to protect the rights of these helpless animals but still its very high in some countries. So we’re going to take a look at the top 10 countries that are most cruel to animals.

10. Netherlands

In the last ten years, there have been a really high amount of cases of animal abuse registered in Netherlands. Several hundreds of animal activists have pleaded the Dutch gov’t to strictly enforce its laws against animal abuse. Netherlands, known for its trading of live animals that are sick such as horses, cats, dogs, swans etc. Although there are many types of animal abuse in Netherlands, some of the most common shameful animal cruelty are throwing of baby chicks into a paper shredder and butchering dogs without their own masters.

netherlands animal cruelty

Netherlands Woman Kills Animals for Art

9. Greece

When it comes to animal cruelty, Greece can send shivers up your back. Greece is known for poisoning cats and dogs, killing wolves and also slaughtering sea turtles. The Greeks are often called “Barbaric Humans” because of their lack of respect for animals. The history of Greece itself suggests and promotes animal abuse, the people of Greece have always ill treated animals. If you take a look at the history of Greece, you’d be able to see how they poison innocent animals, keeping dogs in chains and not feeding them and also tying little chicks in a plastic bag and disposing them off.

Greece animal cruelty

Legally “free” but hungry, homeless and unloved: 2 dogs in the park in Athens, Greece

8. Romania

Similar to Greece, the people of Romania are also known for their barbaric behavior when it comes to treating animals in the right way. Their barbaric methods of killing animals and then selling them for money is shameful.  If you take a stroll through Romania, you can see calves hung on trees with their heads down and their throat cut. Some of the most common cases registered are of animals seen swimming in their own blood after being killed by the cruel locals of Romania. Some of the most common animal abuses registered here are slaughtering animals, skinning them and also suffocating and beheading of animals.

Romania animal cruelty

The Stray Dog Business in Romania

7. Bulgaria

Bulgaria unlike other countries in this list, are well known for their cruel animal torture without any limit. They are know for poisoning stay dogs and cats, decapitating them and also hanging them upside down on trees and bridges. There are also reports of masters massacring their own dogs mercilessly. These cruel acts have not yet been treated seriously, it might take a lot of protest to wake the government.

Bulgaria animal cruelty

Dog Spinning in Bulgaria

6. Venezuela

Most of the countries abuse helpless animals such as cats, dogs, cows etc. but Venezuela seems to have a different custom, they are well known for animal abuse against common wild animals such as Lions, beasts and also wild geese. Out of the many incidents that happen everyday in Venezuela, one of the most recent one seems to be the death of a lion named Casimiro because of the wounds inflicted on him by some of the zoo visitors.  The people of Venezuela are also known to chase, whip and slaughter animals such as horses and wild geese.

Venezuela animal cruelty

Twisting the Tail of an Angry Beast

5. Egypt

This country in Africa, needs a very very big improvement when it comes to treating animals in the right way. Animal abuse is not just done by the adults but also by the kids and youngsters. Recently, a 6 year old kid in Egypt had tossed a kitten on the floor and was then caught holding one of the kitten’s legs by a string and then tossing the kitten back and forth to the floor until it died of pain. Due to great protest, animal rights are being constructed.

Egypt animal cruelty

Cattle cruelty in Egypt

4. Spain

Spain is always praised about its breathtaking natural beauty but people don’t seem to realise Spain does have a really ugly side when it comes to treating animals. Many families in Spain have their own slaughterhouse for killing helpless animals from the forest so that they could eat. Hunting is not the only crime they do, they are also known for their merciless killing of poor animals such as kittens, dogs, pigs and even calves. Some Spanish people have also reported of drowning helpless kittens in water.

Spain animal cruelty

Shocking Bullfight & Horse Cruelty In Spain

3. China

China is another place animals wouldn’t want to be living in. The Chinese not only don’t care for the animals but they’re well known for their shameful acts such as skinning of live foxes and other furry animals. The Chinese not only ill treat foxes but also fishes. Fishes are caught and their internal organs are removed while they’re still alive. There are several instances where many of the Chinese people were caught torturing birds and other animals. Changes are now starting to develop in China, and hopefully in the next 10 years, there would be laws to protect these helpless animals.

China animal cruelty

Dogs Clubbed to Death for Meat in China

2. Australia

Although Australia is normally considered a peaceful country, treating animals in the right way is something rare. Slaughterhouses are common in Australia, and they’re known for large scale killing of large animals such as bulls and Cattle by punching and kicking them till they die. If this is the case with large animals, its worse for smaller and helpless animals who are tortured without mercy.

Australia animal cruelty to pigs

Restricted space, filthy conditions, and abuse from employees result in the frequent injuries and deaths of the piglets and their mothers.

1. Japan

There aren’t many Asian countries when it comes to animal abuse, but Japan seems to be among some of the few Asian countries which are known for ill treating animals. The Japanese people seem to believe that animals are non living and they don’t have any right. Everyday a whole lot of animal abuse cases are registered in Japan which includes killing of domestic cats and dogs by suffocating, poisoning and also inflicting physical torture on them. They have also been instances where some people in Japan were caught tossing kittens into the river and killing them. Generally the Japanese seem to find pleasure in killing poor and helpless animals. I think it will take time for the Japanese to realise that animals have a great part in making our planet what it is.

Japan animal cruelty

Barbaric cruelty to dolphins in Japan

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