10 Coolest Robots and Androids of All Time

According to experts, if the robots take the realistic edge and become more human oriented, the people will hate them more. With the technology pacing up, it will soon be evident that the thin line between the working of human and a robot will also disappear for good. These days, the robots are pretty much capable of making swift human movements and accomplish the work that can only be done by a human.  Science has taken multiple steps forward and it is quite surprising to know that some robots even possess consciousness. It all depends on how they are programmed. Moreover, some of the robots carry and uncanny similarity with humans in terms of their look. Here is a list of some of the coolest Robots and Androids of all time:



This Robot has been manufactured by the company Honda. It is also known as Advance Step in Innovative Mobility Robot. ASIMO came in existence on October 2000. The dimensions of this robot measure a height of 1.3 meters, i.e., 4.3 ft tall and weigh around 54 KGs. However, this is a heavy Robot; it is known for the incredible capabilities it possesses. ASIMO was primarily designed to cater a personal help for the people who find it difficult to help selves. It was designed to make the work of crippled and physically disabled people easier. ASIMO works on a battery and the brain of this heavy robot is programmed and it is monitored with the help of a computer/controller/voice signals.


The feature that sets ASIMO apart from all the robots present in the industry, is its ability to communicate with humans by portraying gestures, making faces and developing sounds. ASIMO does exactly the work that it is designed to do. Hence, it can shake the hand of a person who walks into the room and so on. It also possesses a unique ability to differentiate one person from the set of 10 people. The ability to adapt and act in a supreme way makes this robot one of the coolest robots that exist in the industry.


2. Actroid:

Actroid is has an uncanny similarity to the human face and it endorses human behaviors too. Actroid has been created by Kokoro Company Ltd. It was manufactured as a basic version but since then, many of its improved versions have ruled the market. The air stuffed actuators present in the body of Actroid enable it to stimulate to different sorts of tactile data. This can be explained with an example. If actroid would see a punch coming its way, it can get out of the way. Actroid is programmed to look very humanly and it also possesses some movements that make it look like breathing.

Actroid Robot

The ability of this robot to get programmed and perform human movements set it apart from the other robots present in the market. The main motive of Kokoro Company was to develop a robot that can make a person feel like he is talking to a human and not a robot while standing in front of actroid, since the actions of this robot are so humane.


3. Face:

The Uncanny Valley theory suggests that the scientists refrain from making robots that act like humans, but this verdict has been proved wrong at the University of Pisa. The result is the creation of a robot called “Face”. This robot excels in displaying human expressions in a refined manner. This is the reason why this robot is named FACE. Usually the robots possess a couple of facial expressions that can count until 5 or 6. There is no face expression that comes in between those 5/6 expressions and that’s where FACE is quite different to the other robots present in the market. It can showcase more expressions than a usual robot.

Face Robot

This has been accomplished with the help of 32 motors that are mounted around the upper face and upper body in order to create humane expressions. Children with Autism can find this robot very useful in their studies. Hence, researchers have approved of the importance of this robot.


4. Morpheus:

Monitoring and controlling a robot with the help of a gesture or remote control is easy and imaginable technique. However, have you ever imagined that a robot can be controlled through mind? Yes, such a mind control technology exists and it has been applied to the robot named Morpheus. This robot can easily take the commands by its owners based on their mind thoughts. The success rate of accepting the commands is as high as 94 percent and this is what differentiates Morpheus from the other robots in the market.

Morpheus Robot

This robot has been developed by Rajesh Rao, who works at the University of Washington. Morpheus is a helpful robot that will provide a good company to the people who meet him, with the capability to rescue them too.


5. Atlas:

Atlas is, by far the most advanced robots that exist, in terms of technology. It is bigger in height than a usual robot and measures 6 ft. The weight of this robot is 150 KG’s. It has been developed by Boston Dynamics. The basic purpose for the development of this robot was to act as a human responder to critical situations like the nuclear meltdowns.

Atlas Robot

Atlas is known for possessing amazing abilities. It has 28 hydraulic joints, arms, legs, torso and a computer that is equipped in its body. It has the ability to sense the environment and the possible danger around him. Walking, climbing, driving a car, fitting a fire hose to a valve, visual feedback, grabbing are some of the basic things that Atlas can perform. The amount of tasks that it can perform might sound to be a bit intimidating. It is by far, the most advanced robot in terms of technology.


6. Paro:

Paro is a small cute baby robot that has been developed by a Japanese company, AIST. This realistic robot Seal has been developed for the therapy usage. The way Paro interacts and communicates with the other people is very interesting. It flaps its legs and head like a small baby seal would do. This way of interaction makes the robot look even cuter. The baby seal Paro can easily assess the environment with the help of 5 sensors attached to its body. It is usually known as the therapeutic buddy for owner. Another striking feature of this robot is its self realization. For example, if it makes some movements that you don’t like and subsequently hit it; the robot will not perform the same thing again.

Paro Robot

PARO has been certified by Guinness as the world’s best therapeutic robot for psychological patients. It helps to reduce stress to a minimal level. The communication techniques of this robot make it very special.


7. NAO:

When it comes to androids, thinking about emotional capacity is a waste of time. Well, the ethics have been proved wrong here as NAO, the robot produced by Aldebaran Robotics possesses the ability to learn, spot and communicate with humans in a cordial and interesting manner. NAO is a small robot and measures only 58 cm in height which is equivalent to 23 inches. NAO is extremely good at being programmed and this is the major reason why The University of Hertfordshire utilizing its ability for it to learn emotions.

NAO Robot

The ability of NAO to learn can be compared to that in small children. It is also receptive to multiple languages which are what makes it stand apart from the other robots present in the market.  NAO is undoubtedly the quickest learner of all the robots present in the market.


8. HRP-4C:

HRP-4C has been developed by a Japanese company AIST and it resembles wholly to a real human. AIST has been instrumental in developing portentous robots and this has been another jewel added to its hall of fame. HRP-4C is tall and measured at 157 cm, with the weight of 43 KGs. It has an incomparable ability to recognize face, speech and noise.

HRP-4C Robot

The ability to mimic the facial expressions of a human makes this robot even more special. It is dead accurate while doing the mimicry of human facial expressions. Another striking feature of this robot is its ability to dance. If there is any robot existing that can mimic well, it is none other than HRP-4C.


9. BEAR:

Robots not only make our work easier and help us in accomplishing tasks but they are also helpful in providing us with the required security. BEAR (Battlefield extraction assist Robot) is a robot developed by Vecna Technologies and is used in rescue cases and situations. It can carry heavy objects and travel erratic distances. The battery of this robot is fire resistant and this is what makes it extremely good for rescue operations. The robot can easily be controlled using a glove or remote control and with the help of this, it can enter any rough situation. The frame of this robot is equipped with hydraulics, therefore making it possible for this robot to lift up to 236 KG’s of weight.


The ability of this robot to have a night vision and optical cameras makes it even more special.  BEAR can crush the enemy with pure might and at the same time, its touch can be as delicate as holding on to an egg without even breaking it. Hence, when it comes to rescue operations, BEAR is one of the best machines available in the world.


10. BINA48:

The Neural architecture is equipped in this robot which makes it the most realistic android ever made. BINA48 has been developed by David Hanson and it has been named after co-founder’s wife, Bina Rothblatt. This robot is extremely similar to a human body and it possesses exactly similar thoughts to that of Bina Rothblatt.


The making of this robot took some 100 hours to be accomplished. Firstly, Bina’s thoughts had to be downloaded into the android and then proceed with the next advancements. Now BINA48 is able to converse in the same intellectual way as Bina Rothblatt does. Another striking feature of this robot is its ability to grasp and learn every day. The more it communicates with human beings, the vast its knowledge base gets. Thus, the knowledge of this robot keeps growing with time. However, BINA48 does not have the entire body fitted to her head, but the head alone gives way to 64 different feelings based on the programming that has been done. Apart from this, BINA48 is also able to make choices by herself based on her previous encounters. The intellect of this robot is incomparable and its ability to respond to certain situations can keep the experts gazed in awe. For its explicit features, BINA48 is one of the coolest androids ever produced.


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