10 Coolest google tricks and secrets

Google is the king when it comes to search engines, not to mention your best friend in a pinch. No matter how lost you are, Google is always there providing you Google search engine, Google maps, goggle apps, and so on.  Everyone uses Google to search and usually the results returned by Google are accurate. But sometimes we do not get what we wish for or there are too many results while we only wanted a specific one. Worry not, Google has secret weapons which allow you to modify your search results and control them precisely.

Coolest google tricks and secrets

Whether you are searching for something ambiguous or specific, these tips will help refine your search for the best.

Syntax Search:

This is a very important feature of Google. By using easy to remember syntax, you can manipulate your results accordingly.  Some of the syntaxes are:

Define: If you want to search for the meaning of a word on Google, type “define:” before the word (don’t include the quotation marks).

Example: Define: Chocolates

Syntax Search

Site Syntax:

If you are searching for something within a specific website, you can use the site syntax.

Example: Site:mediafire.com Supernatural

This example will help you find the files with the title “supernatural” on the site “mediafire”.

Site Syntax


Google allows you to solve your equations directly by typing them in to the search box instead of requiring a separate calculator.

Example: 5*9+7/4(sqrt 10)^3=

Typing above query generates the following answer: 100.339859053

Try typing “Answer to life the universe and everything” on Google to see something weird.



You can use Google to keep track of earthquakes in a specific place. Just enter the name of the place, town, city or country to get data and information regarding the earthquake.

Example: Earthquake Sicily


Unit Conversion:

Google has made Math so simple! Not only can Google solve equations, it allows unit conversion which is a life saver for many of us who can’t remember the conversion formula.

Example: 10.5 kg in pounds

If you enter the above query, you’ll get the answer 23.1485

Unit Conversion

Public Data:

If you are worried about not getting the latest stats when it comes to population rate or employment, then worry not, Google is still your best friend. Simply type population followed by the name of city, state or country and voila, you get all the stats.

Example: Population India

Public Data

Synonym Search:

Many times we are baffled or simply brain dead and our clogged brain cannot come up with synonyms. Google helps making synonym search easier by using the “Meaning” text before the keyword. Synonyms are also useful when you want to widen the scope of your search.

Example: Shoes Meaning

This example generates results including sneakers also.

Synonym Search

Image search using an Image:

Yup, Google has made it possible to finally use an image as a search query! Now, all those images of random actors, movie posters, animes, etc. can be easily identified using Google. All you have to do is go to google.com, look for the camera icon to the left of the search button, choose upload an image and hot search. You can even use this to find a bigger version of a tiny picture that you want.

Image search using an Image

Currency Conversion:

If you are interested in foreign currency exchange, then Google makes it easier for you to convert money from one currency to another.

Example: 5000Yen in INR

This will show that INR= 2863.47

Currency Conversion

Search a particular file type:

Sometimes you are trying to search for a specific song or video, but all you keep getting is one html page after the other. Even more annoying is searching for pdf files. To ease some of the burden of looking for particular file types, try typing the following:

Hunger games filetype:pdf

To search more than one format use the ‘OR’ operator as shown:

Hunger games filetype:pdf| filetype:ppt

Search a particular file type

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