10 Cool & simple drinks to beat the summer heat

The worst of summer’s approaching, and we are already sweating our lives out (almost). Tiredness and sleepiness shadow us the entire day and we just can’t seem to drink enough because our throat always seems parched. One of the best remedies to beat the summer heat and along with it the resulting frazzle and the drowsiness is to intake fluids as much as possible (and preferably cold too). This will help us counter the perspiration and further hydrate our bodies which improves our minds, making us sharper and more focused.

Any food which has a cooling effect can be used to make a refreshing cold drink. Plus adding ice cubes makes the drink even more irresistible and satisfying. Let’s take a look at these simple cold drinks.

1. Water Melon Juice :

It’s as simple as its name. Water melon is extremely healthy, especially for summers. All you have to do is take a melon, put it in your mixer/juicer, and then spice it up with black salt and little white pepper. You can even squeeze a few lemon drops for a zestier flavor.

Water Melon Juice

2. Yogurt Shake (Lassi) :

Yogurt is full of health goodness, plus it’s really yummy too. This drink is traditionally from India which requires curd to be blended mixed with little water and spices. Or you can make the sweet lassi with sugar; optionally you can add rooh afza. Or add some fruits like mango, strawberry, etc. to make a flavored lassi.

Yogurt Shake (Lassi)

3. Cold Coffee :

Coffee should be avoided in summer because it has the latent ability to generate heat in one’s body. But adding a slight pinch of coffee to your milk and mixing it with sugar and some chocolate bits can give you a great treat. It becomes all the more delicious if you top it off with ice cream.

Cold Coffee

4. Ice cream shakes :

This one is simple and efficient. All you have to do is blend few scoops of ice cream with milk. A healthy and tasty drink which can be topped with ice cream again.

Ice cream shakes

5. Ice Tea :

The recipe for this can be found easily on net. All you have to do is boil your water and add tea grains to it. Add some lemon juice and lemon peels and allow your tea to simmer. Cool it after a while and chill it. When it’s chilled, mix it with cold water and serve. You can make more iced tea flavors like mint or ginger. Just add it to the tea when it’s simmering.

Ice Tea

6. Lemonade :

Lemonade is oh so popular and what many of you might have missed is that it has lots of awesome variations, like basil lemonade, spicy lemonade, water melon & mint lemonade, fizzy ginger lemonade, etc. You can find some great simple recipes here: http://drinks.seriouseats.com/2012/06/12-easy-lemonade-variations-homemade-lemonade-flavors.html


7. Slush (Espresso Slushy) :

Slushes are so easy to make and quite a delicacy to savor. One of the best slush we have comes across is the Espresso Slushy. Combine sugar and water & boil it until the sugar dissolves. Then add espresso & strain the liquid. Add the lemon juice & freeze. Using a fork, crush the mixture every 30 minutes. Serve with cream and garnish with more lemon juice if desired.

Slush (Espresso Slushy)

8. Strawberry-Banana Slush :

Another different take on slush. Place strawberries and banana slices (or any other fruits) in freezer at least 1 hour. Take it out and blend along with some lemon juice until smooth but still very thick. Take a glass of any juice and pour the mixture on it.

Strawberry-Banana Slush

9. Mixed-Berries (or fruit) Shake :

Instead of using ice cream, you can use fresh fruits too. Blend your fruits (or you can first freeze them and then blend for added texture and taste) along with milk and some cream (optional). Add sugar according to taste and puree until smooth. Serve topped with fruit slices.

Mixed-Berries (or fruit) Shake

10. Fizz Drinks :

This might not be so healthy but it’s refreshing. Mix any juice or slush with some soda or carbonated drink for an added fizz.

Fizz Drinks

There are many other variations possible on each of the listed recipes, plus many other drinks available like ginger ale, rooh afza drinks, and flavored curd smoothies and so on. Just be creative and stay fresh throughout the summer.

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