10 Best Workout For Your Lower Abs

‘Abs’ are the most difficult area to work out on. While you may still manage to do your upper abs, lower abs can drive anyone insane. However, if done correctly, lower abs can also be got into shape. You need to understand the construct of your body in order to be able to manage and lose the weight and get in shape correctly. Please do a little research before you start burning calories like crazy. Just exercising isn’t enough, you need to eat right too.
10 Best Workout For Your Lower Abs
Only when you exercise and diet right, you can get back in shape. Thus, find your balance in such manner that you don’t pull a muscle and you still get to exercise and set things right.
Ask a lot of questions to your trainer about your lower abs. The foremost and the most basic thing that you ought to know is that all the fat is stored in your lower body and hence, that part will feel sorer than the rest of your muscles. It is slightly more difficult for women as the estrogens want to keep the fat. None the less, here are some of the basic exercises that will help you keep your abs toned! You might need some basic items such as towels, pins for your hair (if long) if you are doing it at home.
However, you are going to hurt after this tough workout, so be mentally prepared! Each exercise to be repeated 10 times! As in, a single move to be done 10 times. So, here is how you do it! We wish your abs a happy and successful journey and we sincerely hope you get in shape soon!

1. Tap your Heels

So lie down with your face upwards and tuck your hands underneath your butt. Bend your knees. Ensure that your feet are table top. Now, keep lowering your upward feet towards the ground but don’t go all the way. Raise it back up! Keep doing this on and off!


2. Climb the mountain!

Climb a plank; this could be the edge of your bed or sofa. Now, lift your right foot and hug your knee to your chest. Once you are done with the right foot, repeat with your left. Alternate as quickly as possible.


3. Cut it!

Lie down on your back and put your hands behind your head. Now, you lift your shoulders. Now, lift your leg and start kicking in a criss-cross manner as you balance your neck.


4. Slide it!

This is fairly simple. All you have to do is, lie down on your back, join both your legs, raise them up and down, and do not touch the ground. If it is a little difficult for you, then do it one leg at a time.


5. Raise it straight!

This is easy if you know how to do push-ups. Go into push-up position, now don’t do a push up but stay up, and don’t go down. Now, raise your knee towards your chest alternatively. Do this as fast as you can.


6. Zip, Zap, Zip!

Once again, get into push-up position. Now, slide both your legs forward and backwards using sliders. Keep doing this for a long time. try and touch your knees to your elbows. Try not to bend your elbows.


7. Disco Dance on Fours!

Now, get on your fours, push both feet backwards and forwards. Enjoy this light exercise and use sliders for your feet!


8. Rock and Roll!

Get into push-up position once again but be on your elbows this time. Now, roll towards your left and lift the right leg up. Repeat the same by rolling towards your right. Enjoy the rollicking!


9. Up and then down!

Lie flat on your back and put your hands straight up. Now, get up and try touching your feet. Keep doing it continually. Squeeze your abs as you try to touch your feet.


10. Yeah, I’m the Knife Jack!

Lie flat on your back, put your feet together and put your hands behind your back. Now, touch your left leg with your right hand and vice-versa. Repeat 10 times!


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